How to fix Error Cannot install Adobe Reader 7.0 ?

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If you are getting a message like “Cannot install Adobe® Reader 7.0” on your PC as you try to install Adobe® Reader 7.0, then simply follow the steps below and you will be able to do the installation.


Adobe® Reader is used for viewing and printing PDF files and even for collaborating on them.


Each step is accompanied by an indicative screenshot for ease of mirroring the action.

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Steps to resolve ”Error: Cannot install Adobe Reader 7.0”

Step 3

Open Folder:
In this step, just double-click and open ”Documents and Settings” folder. Now right-click on the ”All Users” folder and choose ”Properties.”

Step 4

Gaining full Control:
Click on the ”Security tab” and choose the ”Administrators” folder and change the control level to ”Full control.”

Step 5

Install Adobe® Reader 7.0:
This is the last step where you click ‘OK’ to accept the changes and finally install Adobe® Reader 7.0 using an installation CD or downloading it from the Adobe® website.

We have installed Adobe® Reader 7.0 after resolving the error as per your requirement. We recommend that you check the security settings of the newly installed Adobe® Reader 7.0 and install antivirus software to protect your PC from external threats.

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