Import Contact from Works 9 or Spreadsheet To Windows®

Windows Vista® utilizes new contact manager software entitled Windows® Contacts. This software replaces the Windows® Address Book and allows newer features such as adding pictures to your contacts. Windows® Contacts can import data from a Microsoft® Works 9 database or from spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft® Excel® when the data is saved in a .CSV format. The spreadsheet program in Works 9 will also work with Windows® Contacts. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. Comma Separated Values is an old technology that predates personal computers by more than a decade. IBM OS/360 supported them in 1967.

Importing your contacts is a pretty simple task and can be accomplished safely and efficiently in a short span of time. By following the steps below, we will go into further detail and guide you on how to go through the procedure to import your contacts. Learn how to:

  • To Save a Works 9 Database or a spreadsheet as a .CSV file

  • Import CSV files into Windows® Contacts

To Save a Works 9 Database or a spreadsheet as a .CSV file

This step generates your CSV file that we are going to import shortly. Below are the procedures for creating your CSV file to import into Windows® Contacts.

Start Works 9 on your computer and then open the database that you wish to use. Once you have that database open, click on the file tab at the top left corner of your screen and then select Save As. You will see a sub menu appear where you will select Files of Type. Select Text&Commas(.CSV). Type the name of your file and then click on Save. You can keep the same file name, or create a new name. Either way it is fine as long as you selected to Save It as a CSV file.

Import CSV files into Windows® Contacts

This step we will actually be importing the file that you just created with the above procedure.

Click on the Start button on your desktop. Then select All Programs then click on Accessories and then click on Windows® Contacts. Click on Import and then select Comma Separated Values or (CVS). Click on Import and find the CSV file that you made earlier. Select that file and then click on open. The import will begin and when Windows® finishes the import click OK and then close. By following these procedures you will have successfully imported your Works 9 Database and/or Spreadsheet CSV files into Windows® contacts.

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