Install Office 2003 on Dual Boot Computer

Dual-boot is a technical program used to solve various problems related to incompatibility of operating systems. Microsoft® Office 2003 works with both operating systems and it is preferred to have a copy installed in each operating system. Software can work with just Windows 2000 but cannot with Windows® XP, so you can install Office 2003 that can be installed for both the operating systems.

Mentioned below are some installation techniques and dual-boot features:

  • Dual-boot’s features and benefits

  • The problems while installing Office 2003 for both Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP

  • Few practices to enhance performance and avoiding problems

Dual-boot’s features and benefits

Dual-boot allows you to use a number of applications as some applications are incompatible with certain versions of your operating system. Users who use legacy programs often have to resort to dual boot as newer operating systems drop support for various legacy programs. Lastly, dual boot allows you to test certain set-ups and applications in one operating system while shielding the other one from modifications.

The problems while installing Office 2003 for both Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP

The major problem while installing Office 2003 for both Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP is the possibility of data corruption. This would occur if you have both copies of Office 2003 installed in the same directory. While running Office 2003 in either operating system, your data can get affected, but if you install them in separate folders they do not affect each other’s data.

Options to enhance performance while avoiding problems

Preferably you can install single copy of Office 2003 in different folders altogether to prevent the mixing of files that may lead to data corruption. Office 2003’s installation will consume some more disc space but will make you use Office 2003 in both operating systems.

When using two copies of Office 2003 you should change the default documents folder as final point for the same folder. This will help you to go to the same folder when opening or saving files. You can locate its settings under options tab after clicking file locations.

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