Make Windows® XP PC Look Like Windows® 7 PC

How to make Windows® XP PC look like Windows® 7 PC?

Switching from Windows® XP to Windows® 7 will be interesting. In the meantime, till you upgrade to Windows® 7, you can create the look and feel of Windows® 7 in your Windows® XP desktop and user interface. Various types of wallpapers, icons, boot screen, taskbar dialog boxes plus some extra visual elements such as Aero Snap, Aero Shake or Aero Peek etc., options will help you make your Windows® XP PC look like Windows® 7. Here are different options that you can use:

  • Wallpapers

  • Calculator

  • AeroSnap

  • Seventh heaven


One of the best methods to create Windows® 7 look for your Windows® XP desktop is to deck up your desktop with Windows® 7 wallpapers. There are Aero 7 Windows® 7 series wallpapers which are a collection of gorgeous Aurora and Aero designed wallpapers. These wallpapers are available in diverse resolutions to fit to your desktop pixels. You may also check out Windows® 7 wallpapers which are based on myriad themes including nature, landscapes, oceans, abstract designs, animals etc.


Though it is not fully completed, the Seven calculator tool is another option to make your Windows® XP desktop interface to look and feel like Windows® 7. This Seven Calculator is not equipped with the same functionalities as of Windows® 7 calculator. However, interface of the calculator looks just like of Windows® 7 and the basic functions of the calculator work well. Users who know Visual Basic can operate this calculator even better and edit this application.


AeroSnap is one of the reasons why Windows® 7 look and behave differently as compared to the Windows® XP or Windows Vista® desktop. Windows® 7 desktop is being praised for this ‘Aero Effects’. The good thing about it is that users can adorn their Windows® XP desktop with such effects by installing ‘WinFlip’. The Aero Effects let users flick between several programs even more easily and enjoy its transitional effects too.

Seventh heaven

If you are not yet satisfied with the Windows® 7 look and feel provided by aforementioned applications and visual impacts, then consider downloading ‘Seven Transformation Pack’ to make your Windows® XP desktop look like Windows® 7. This Seven Transformation Pack consists of a series of fonts, gadgets, icons, screensaver, system sounds, cursor and other small utilities to provide you with an overall Windows® 7 look and experience.

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