Memory Upgrade

You have bought a new computer. When you wanted to run the latest graphic software, it seems to be a bit slow. Someone wanted to run some kind of three-dimensional games; it may not run due to the shortage of physical memory. Memory upgrade means to increase the capacity of the random access memory of the computer. It is unsuitable for the computers to run high-resolution three-dimensional games, as the processor can be hot; but to run graphical multimedia software you will need more memory to run the software smoothly. Then what should you do to increase or upgrade the memory?

What is the need of memory upgrade? Also the benefits of upgrading the memory of a system. Points to keep in mind while upgrading the memory are discussed in the following headings.

  • Upgrading the memory of a computer

  • Benefits of upgrading

  • Networking Benefits

Upgrading the memory of a computer

You want to upgrade your computer’s physical memory. Now your computer has 128 MB of RAM. Here computer memory means the physical memory, which is more commonly called RAM. You want to upgrade the RAM to 256 MB or 512 MB. Then you have to check the computer system, the motherboard of the system, what kind of memory does the board support, how much memory the slot can support, how many slots are there, you have to know all of these things. Then for the desktop computer, remove the casing, and remove the module and set high-speed high performance same type module. Usually, there are two or more slots in a motherboard; in such cases just add new modules in the blank slots.

Benefits of upgrading

If the capacity of RAM increases, the performance of the computer will increase. Software will run faster, graphical software will run more smoothly. You will be able to open more programs at a time. Hence, the performance of multitasking will improve. You will get the benefit of faster browsing, as the latest websites use animated banners, streaming audio, to make the WebPages more attractive to the visitors. If multiple users use the same printer, then upgrading RAM will help to increase the printing performance. You will get significant improvement in video editing, if you upgrade the RAM of a system.
Networking Benefits

In a networking environment if you upgrade the RAM of the user and server, then both the server and user performance will increase. It will help to use any common printer or device with faster speed. Besides, if anyone wants to play games with the computer, then he/she will also feel the significant improvement in the performance of the computer. They will be able to play games that are more realistic. Multimedia software and 3D gaming will run more smoothly in a faster upgraded environment.
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