PC Defragmentation

How to defragment a PC?

Fragmentation is a process in which a single file is divided into several parts and saved on different locations of the drive. When the operating system tries to access it, it requires collecting data from different locations of the drive which eventually slows down the PC. Fragmentation is one of the most common factors that slows down a PC.

On the other hand, in the defragmentation process all parts of a file are rejoined and saved at one location. Therefore, the operating system does not need to collect different parts from different locations. Thus, this process boosts up your PC performance.

To know more about PC defragmentation process let us see the following points:

  • Tips on PC defragmentation

  • How does it improve the PC performance?

  • Some software for PC defragmentation

Tips on PC defragmentation

PC defragmentation is basically a scheduled task. It is necessary to limit the level of fragments to maximize your PC performance. You should run the defragmentation program at least once a week to keep your PC faster and healthier. Some programs automatically defragment a disk when the rate of fragment exceeds the limit. For effective disk defragmentation, 10% free space on the drive is essential, otherwise the program cannot run smoothly and the whole process may become lengthy and ineffective.

How does it improve the PC performance?

PC defragment boosts the PC performance simply because the operating system does not need to keep the “track” of different file parts. Moreover, while you are working with a file, the operating system does not require running to and fro to collect and join different parts of the file. Definitely it reduces pressure on the memory, and the process resource and this additional resource add into the PC performance. This is how PC defragmentation helps you to boost up your PC performance.
Some software for the PC defragmentation

Windows® has a built-in disk defragmentation program. However, this program is not very effective and requires really a long time to defragment a disk. Also, this does not have automatic defragmentation option. There are a lot of third party software available in the market and on the Internet which can defragment more effectively and requires less time. They also support automatic defragmentation and scheduled defragmentation. Smart defragmentation is such software which is free to use.
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