PC Recovery and its Tools

Need for PC recovery. Do you want to know how PC recovery tools can help you to deal with system problems?

The term PC recovery is quite familiar to all the computer users. There are several issues behind this problem. One of the most crucial reasons for recovering PC is to prevent damage or corruption in the operating system or in the hard disk. Another essential cause is to maintain the files properly in the drives. If the file in your drive gets accidentally deleted due to any unusual operation, then a PC recovery is needed to retrieve the lost documents.

There are numerous tools available for PC recovery. Three of them have been discussed below:

  • File Recovery Software

  • PSR

  • SuperDuper

File Recovery Software

The file recovery software is an essential tool used to recover files on the hard drives of your computer. It helps in restoring the documents which may have been lost due to accidental deletion. This might occur when users delete using command line deletion or ‘Windows’+ ‘Shift’ + ‘Delete’, or they clean the Recycle Bin. If a file is deleted from the Recycle Bin, it cannot be recovered by the operating system even though it remains intact on the hard drive of your computer. To solve this problem, strong file recovery software is needed to identify the lost documents and restore them.


The PSR, popularly known as Problem Steps Recorder, is a tool used for troubleshooting on Windows® 7. It records all the actions performed on the system which can then be sent to the experts for analyzing the PC problems. The time taken for recording depends on the number of actions that you want to record. It is easy to use and is thus a helpful tool for PC recovery. However, PSR will not work if you are using a previous version of Windows®.


SuperDuper is a system recovery software that can efficiently create a complete bootable backup. It has a built-in scheduler facility that automatically performs the backup process. It is used when you get unusual noise from the hard disk or your daily applications become incompatible with the updated version of the operating system. The software works on both PC and Mac®. With all these features, the SuperDuper software is very user-friendly and an excellent system recovery tool.

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