Send private messages during a chat in NetMeeting 3.0

NetMeeting is a communication tool in-built in all Windows® Operating Systems to allow you to communicate with others over the Internet or your local LAN. Using NetMeeting you can talk to others, use video to see others, share applications and other documents, collaborate with others in shared applications, send files to others, draw with others in shared white boards and send messages to others in a chat.

Let us discuss why is it required to send private message [pm] in Net Meeting 3.0.

  • Communication Tool between instructors and students

  • Video Chat Communication

  • White Board

  • File Sharing

  • Remote desktop sharing

  • Chat

Communication Tool between instructors and students

As an instructor for technical or science subjects, NetMeeting is the perfect tool for demonstration using computers in a LAN. The instructor can run Microsoft® presentations, show animations and the individual students will be able to see what the instructor does in his computer from their individual desktops. This cuts down the time spent by the instructor going over individual student workstations thus providing him with extra time to elaborate on the subject matter and respond to student’s queries.

Video Chat Communication

Live chat or meeting has been made a reality by net meeting by making use of enhancement tools such as video and audio that enable you to see and hear others and for others and vice-versa. This form of communication is more interactive as it enables one to see expressions, which make the conversation livelier than the normal text chat. This tool enables you to link up to any person so you can share information while using video and audio.

White Board

Classroom has simply become virtual thanks to this feature. Just as you would use the classroom’s white board or chalk board to explain a point, you can now use the NetMeeting white board the same way. The feature is activated by going to the menu bar, click tools, and on the drop down menu click white board.

File Sharing

While holding a conference using NetMeeting between departmental heads, exchange of files becomes necessary. File transfer is a feature in NetMeeting enabling participants to share files among each other with ease. This option is available when you go to the menu bar and click tools, on the drop down menu click file transfer.

Remote desktop sharing

Remote access simply refers to the ability to access and operate another computer on the LAN just as if you were on that particular PC. This feature comes in handy, especially in desktop support in office administration and telecommuting (working from home). This offers the following advantages:

  • Ease of access and operation of office PC from home

  • Assist local users in the LAN with their applications from any PC.

This feature can be enabled by going to the menu bar, click on tools, on the drop down menu click sharing.


When in a LAN, you can have real-time chats with either colleagues or fellow students without causing disruptions in the office or classroom. This feature will allow for a conference chat or even private conversation chats.

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