Stop Blocking files Downloads blocked by the Information Bar

While surfing the Internet using the latest Internet Explorer® web browser, you’ll experience file downloads being blocked by the information toolbar. This might happen if a website tries to download files to your computer without your permission, or if you have requested a file but the download did not start immediately. The Internet Explorer® settings by default prompt the user to accept downloads. That’s why the yellow bar appears for the user to confirm file downloads.

The Information bar is where Internet Explorer® displays information about security downloads, blocked pop-up windows, and other activities. It is located at the top of the web page.

  • When will I see the Information bar?

  • How to use the Information bar?

  • Turning off / on the information toolbar

When will I see the Information bar?

The user will be able to see the information toolbar when: There is an attempt to install ActiveX® control in your computer, ActiveX® control is running, a pop-up window opening from a website, the website downloading a file on your computer, and it is trying to run active content on your computer, web browser securities setting is below recommended levels. These are necessary for offering extra security while surfing websites.

How to use the Information bar?

When you see a message in the Information bar, click the message to read more about it.

Turning off / on the information toolbar

It is possible to turn off the information toolbar, but it is not highly recommended. To stop the information bar from blocking file downloads you need to start the Internet Explorer®, on the menu bar click Tools, from the drop down menu click Internet Options. In the dialogue box that appears click Security tab, and then click Custom level. Here are the following options that come up:

For turning off the Information bar for ActiveX® controls, you need to scroll to the ActiveX® controls and plug-ins section of the list. Under automatic prompting, click Enable.

Another option is to turn off the Information bar for file downloads. You need to scroll down to the download lists and then, under the automatic prompting for file downloads, click Enable. Click OK, click yes to confirm that you want to accept the changes, and then click OK again.

Before embarking upon any file or program downloads, it is imperative to know if you have requested for the file download and that you trust the source of the file. In this case you know the purpose of the file and its function in the computer or what to do when file download is blocked.

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