Upgrading Windows® 98 To Windows® XP

Do you know you can upgrade Windows® 98 to Windows® XP and resolve the related issues?

Windows® 98 and Windows® XP are operating systems that were released by Microsoft® for professional as well as home users. Windows® XP is the latest version of operating system that was launched by Microsoft® after Windows® 2000 and Windows® ME. Windows® XP is the first consumer-oriented operating system that is built on the Windows® NT kernel and architecture. However, Windows® 98 is a graphical operating system that utilizes the Windows Driver Model (WDM), which enables digital mixing, routing and processing of various audio streams and kernel streaming with high-quality rate of conversion on Windows® 98. Hence, Windows® XP was the latest upgrade released after Windows® 98 and Windows® 2000 were developed.

Here is a detailed information on upgrading Windows® 98 to Windows® XP.

  • How to upgrade Windows® 98 to Windows® XP?

  • Issues in upgrading Windows® 98 to Windows® XP

  • Other problems that may arise while upgrading Windows® 98 and Windows® XP

How to upgrade Windows® 98 to Windows® XP?

To upgrade Windows® 98 to Windows® XP, you should follow a number of steps, such as firstly, insert Windows® XP installation disk. Then the auto run option will lead you to Windows® XP Setup Wizard and if it does not lead you to the Windows® XP Setup Wizard then go to ‘Windows® Explorer’, and navigate your CD drive and open the 'setup.exe' file. Now you should choose upgrade from the installation and type "screen", and click the ‘next’ button. The user should follow on-screen prompts as needed while Windows® XP is automatically installed.

Issues in upgrading Windows® 98 to Windows® XP

The user has to ensure that his system includes Windows® 98 computer with a CD drive and Windows® XP installation disk. You should keep in mind that your system should be compatible with your operating system. As incompatibility may give rise to a number of errors. The other issue may arise if the driver installed is faulty or dirty. To get rid of this problem, the user should gently clean any dust or fingerprints from the installation disk.

Other problems that may arise while upgrading Windows® 98 and Windows® XP

The user may face a number of problems; such as setup may stop responding (freeze) during the preparation of installation. Additionally, the setup may restart after an extended period of inactivity. You should update your machine with the latest revision BIOS that can be done by visiting the manufacturer’s official website to avoid any issues relating to BIOS settings.

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