Upgrading from Windows Vista® Home Premium To Windows 7 Professional

Tips to upgrade Windows Vista® Home Premium to Windows® 7 Professional

Windows Vista® is a powerful operating system from Microsoft®. It includes entertainment features, such as Games Explorer, Windows Movie® Maker and Windows Media® Player 11. Windows Vista® also includes better productivity features, such as easy transfer and live icons. The operating system offers security solutions with BitLocker® drive encryption, parental control and user account control. Windows® 7 enhances these features with some more advanced technologies. The improved features in this operating system offer work simplicity, easy finding of files and folders, desktop personalization, security, Windows Media® Center, and connection with the home PC library while you are away from home. Windows® 7 simplifies the everyday task with HomeGroup, JumpLists and Snap features. The Windows® search option lets you find the files and folders more easily. The search results according to your keyword will be arranged. The most suitable matching options would be highlighted. You can connect with your company more easily with the help of Domain Join in Windows® 7. If you upgrade your Windows Vista® Home Premium to Windows® 7 Professional you can easily access these features. You should remember certain things before upgradation and installation.

Tips to upgrade from Windows Vista® Home Premium to Windows® 7 Professional are:

  • Make sure the compatibility

  • Update the Antivirus before installation

  • Remember the password

Make sure the compatibility

With Windows Vista® operating system, you might want to upgrade to a different operating system. Hence, in order to avoid incompatibility issues, you need to download the Windows® 7 Upgrade Advisor. This will help you to find the compatibility issues between hardware component and Windows® 7 Professional operating system. Also, check the Windows® 7 compatibility center to find out whether you can upgrade the operating system or not.

Update the Antivirus before installation

Update the antivirus program in your system and turn it off before installing Windows® 7. Only after installing Windows® 7 Professional, you need to turn it on. Sometimes an old antivirus application will not work in compatibility with the new operating system. Hence, install a compatible antivirus program and scan the system properly.

Remember the password

If you are using the fingerprint option or any other biometric option, you should remember the password. After installation, you need to fill in the required detail in order to log on to Windows®.

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