Windows Vista® Ultimate upgrade to Windows® 7

Common issues during upgradation from Windows Vista® Ultimate to Windows® 7

Windows Vista® helps you to explore new features for searching, staying connected and networking. Security features such as Windows® Firewall and Windows® Defender can make your computer more secure. Windows® Security Center has links for checking your computer’s firewall, antivirus software and update status. The new security feature User Account Control will help you to prevent unauthorized changes to your system. Windows® Aero® features a translucent glass design with suitable applications. Windows® enhances all these features to a new level. Windows® 7 embraces the multi-touch functionality. This feature is simple and very easy to use. “Play To” is also an enhanced feature available only in Windows® 7. This feature makes it easy to play music and videos. Windows® 7 introduces the Remote Media Streaming feature to easily access the Windows Media® Library over the Internet. To use this feature, both the computers must be running Windows® 7. The HomeGroup facility lets you to avoid the headache of file sharing. This helps you to easily transmit files to other computers in your home. By upgrading to Windows® 7, you can enjoy all these features. You should remember certain things before doing up-gradation. The most important thing to be noted is the compatibility. You should check the compatibility at the Windows® Compatibility center. To avoid file deletion, backup all your files before upgradation. Also download the operating system from the proper website.

The common issues during upgradation are:

  • Error messages

  • Blank screen

  • Compatibility issues

Error messages

Error messages are common during the upgradation of Windows Vista® to Windows® 7. Some error messages will not disturb the continuing upgradation. But some certainly prevent you from the successful completion of the upgradation process. The common error messages are: “Not getting the main entry-point,” “Invalid signature,” “Failed set up,” etc.

Blank screen

When you try to upgrade from Windows Vista® to Windows® 7, the system might stop responding and sometimes a blank screen will appear. This might be caused either by the software or hardware. This also will not allow you to continue the upgradation process and you need to start the system again.

Compatibility issues

Compatibility issues will come when any of the software or hardware is not compatible with the operating system. The incompatibility problem can lead to system crash.

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