Installing Windows® XP virtual mode in Windows® 7 PC

Do you want to install and work with virtual Windows® XP Mode in Windows® 7? What issues may occur while running virtual Windows® XP?

Windows® XP Mode is a virtual operating system package for Windows® Virtual PC, containing a preinstalled version of Windows® XP Service Pack 3. Windows® XP Mode provides an additional option of application compatibility in Windows® 7. Therefore, you may have additional time to migrate your existing applications to a new operating system. Windows® XP Mode application runs in a terminal services session and can be accessed via remote desktop protocol running on the Windows® 7 host. Note, that additional RAM and disk space is required to run Windows® XP Mode.

Mentioned below are few steps to install Windows® Virtual PC in Windows® 7:

  • How to choose and accept Windows® Virtual PC user agreement for Windows® 7?

  • How to install Windows® Virtual PC in Windows® 7?

  • How to work with Windows® Virtual PC in Windows® 7?

How to choose and accept Windows® Virtual PC user agreement for Windows® 7?

If you want to install Windows® Virtual PC, you need to accept the user agreement and select a location for Windows® Virtual PC to get installed. You now need to format the hard drive partition created by Windows® Virtual PC. This shows as free space for the setup program. This will format the virtual disk file created by Windows® Virtual PC.

How to install Windows® Virtual PC in Windows® 7?

After Windows® XP setup program copies files successfully to the virtual partition, the computer will reboot and the set-up program will launch Windows® XP operating files in order to continue installation process. Then, you need to click on ‘Virtual PC window’ and follow on-screen prompts to continue the installing process. After the installation, the system will reboot again and launch Windows® XP. Now, you need to create user IDs and set an administrator password for your computers’ security. Finally, you may launch Windows® XP in the virtual machine that will prompt you for relevant information.

How to work with Windows® Virtual PC in Windows® 7?

After you have downloaded virtual mode of Windows® XP, it would not be difficult to work on Windows® XP with Windows® 7, which is your primary installed operating system. You will find it easier to work on a virtual Windows® XP mode as there is no such difference between the two operating systems. But you will not be able to transfer any Windows® 7 files to virtual mode.

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