Comparison of features of Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7

What are the different features of Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7?

Microsoft® has come out with three different operating systems in recent years: Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and the most recent Windows® 7. Every operating system that Microsoft® has released has been better than those previous. The Windows® operating system becomes stronger, faster, and better protected with each subsequent edition. But what are the differences of each operating system? What are their different features? How is Windows® 7 the best and why? What makes it the best?

  • What are the features of Windows® XP?

  • What are the features of Windows Vista®?

  • Why is Windows® 7 so much better than Windows® XP and Windows Vista®?

What are the features of Windows® XP?

Windows® XP was a great operating system, but it was just a stepping stone on the way to Windows® 7. The Windows® XP operating system did have some pretty cool new features at the time. Windows® XP allowed users to multi-task far more easily than they had in the past. It also made the web safer (with real time web scanning) and more easily. Windows® XP also made it easier to run lots of programs simultaneously with better performance on 64-bit PCs than ever before, and the Windows ®XP operating system also allowed users to watch and record television directly to their computers.

What are the features of Windows Vista®?

If Windows® XP was the stepping stone for Windows® 7, then Windows Vista® was the beta version. The Windows Vista® operating system improved upon everything that was included in the Windows® XP package, and then added some of its own, new features. Microsoft® Windows Vista® allowed users to instantaneously find files and programs. No pause for a search, no more waiting, with Windows Vista®, Windows® found all the things that were right. Windows® also made you Internet-connected PC safer with its built-in protections against spyware, malware, and spam and junk mail. With Windows® Defender came increased data security and parental controls. Windows Vista® let users make movies quicker and play better, bigger, and more graphically enhanced games than ever before.

Why is Windows 7 so much better than Windows® XP and Windows Vista®?

Windows® 7 is a computer’s dream. It is the perfect and most advanced operating system on the Windows® market today. Despite the additions of Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 added many new features as well as improving upon all of those of the Windows Vista® operating system. Some of the new features include the following: streaming music, photos, and videos, put your computer to sleep/recover faster, improved power management for longer battery life, and more.

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