Comparison of Windows® 7 and Windows® XP features

Information on Windows 7® vs Windows® XP

Windows® XP rein the computers of Microsoft® lovers as a new NT- based operating system for a short time. The situation reversed when Windows® was infested with different kinds of worms, viruses and Trojans. As a remedial measure, Microsoft® released the heaviest ever service pack for bringing about stability to operating system. Momentarily, Windows Vista® became the user’s choice. But it also came in for criticism because of its poor disk access from networking and unsatisfactory gaming performance. But thanks to Windows Vista® new formation of drivers that was designed to move core functionality from the kernel to user space and enhanced security features. Microsoft® software engineers used these features as a launching pad for the development of a new version of Windows ® series. The situation is now changing. New release Windows ® 7 is replacing its predecessors on account of its stability and speed.

We will try distinguishing Windows® 7 and Windows®XP from the following point of views:

  • Comparison of Windows® 7 and Windows ® XP

  • Features of Windows® 7 and their usability

  • Navigation through Internet Explorer®

Comparison of Windows® 7 and Windows ® XP

The user’s interface in Windows® XP was nothing but an advancement of the previous version in graphics and screen display features. These cosmetic changes with time and type of Windows® releases made these operating system static and boring to the users. Instability was the main issue confronting Microsoft®. NT failed to deliver that’s why security enhancement which was the main focus in Windows Vista®. Booting time in all the versions of Windows® were another irritating area before the release of Windows® 7. All these issues have been resolved in Windows ® 7.

Features of Windows® 7 and their usability

Windows®7, this is a brand new initiation of new features of user interface in Windows® that is truly comparable with Mac®. The task bar shows all the opened programs and moving the cursor over these programs all the opened files are displayed in thumbnail appearance for making a choice of opening the desired file by the user. Drag and drop and drag and open are other great features of opening the desired files in an already running application. Another great feature of this version is the booting time. The window covers all the initialization processes in exceptionally less time and boots in less than a minute. Another advanced feature of this OS is the security which is far more improved than the previous versions. Jump list is still other feature. The user can list frequently used programs for rapid opening. The list also contains recently used programs so that they may be accessed easily. The user also have the liberty of making its own list of short cut. For opening these application the user has to drag it to the top of the screen and for minimizing it has to be scrolled down the task bar. In Windows ®XP the classic usage of Internet Explorer® was not changed but for Window® 7 like Windows Vista®.

Navigation through Internet Explorer®

Using improved Internet Explorer® features navigation to any folder on hard drive, network, or even in the cloud is much more faster. The other main area for accessing the file browser is the shortcut bar on the right column of the Start Menu. In Windows® 7, there are great number of folders that can be chosen by the user there, including Downloads and Recorded TV. However, in Windows® XP the accessibility of folders and customization is not as comprehensive as Windows® 7.

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