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Comparison of features of Windows® XP and Windows Vista®

Comparison between features of Windows® XP and Windows Vista®.

Microsoft® has always been known to live up to computer user’s expectations by not only improving on the short comings of a previous product but changing the design layout to make it easy to use in comparison to market’s other leading products. Hot on the heels of Windows® XP was released a better and improved Windows Vista® in 2007.

Discussed here is the comparison in terms of features and functionality between the two products that will definitely help you make a better choice when it comes to choosing which product to use. To do so, the comparison has been divided into different groups:

  • Security features

  • Internet browser

  • Parental control

  • Backup management

Security features

Since computers are used for virtually all data and information processing, security becomes a major issue of concern. Major loopholes found in Windows® XP were mainly patched by Service Pack 3. However, Windows Vista® has been built around these security issues i.e. two-way firewall protection monitoring both outbound traffic and inbound traffic, Windows® Service Hardening that manages the background process against being taken over by malicious programs hence affecting system’s performance. Crowning these all is the User Account protection that specifically prompts for system administrator’s privileges for activities i.e. program installation and device driver updates. An added benefit of this would be that users will be able to use computers but not as power users greatly reducing chances malicious malwares installing without their knowledge.

Internet browser

Internet Explorer® 7 in Windows® XP has been improved to not only add tab pages and an enhanced privacy management but includes an extra level of protection, protected mode a feature that limits the execution of third party codes from installing in the system via loopholes in the browser.

Parental control

This feature is not just limited to homes but can be used in schools, offices, libraries, and anywhere where user productivity is the core of the organization. With this tool, network administrators will be able to filter URL address that they fill are not in any way work related and lock file downloads. Other than for web management, the tool can also be used to limit user account access to certain times of the week and playing of games.

Backup management

With greater hard disk capacity being released by hardware manufacturers, Windows Vista® contains a built in data backup that enables the user to select the types of files that they would like to backup and restore at a future date.

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