Comparison between Windows® XP and Windows® 7

A comparative analysis of features of Windows® 7 and Windows® XP

Windows® XP, a lightweight operating system; which was created way back in 2001, was designed to work on old and basic hardware with not much intrinsic requirements as it can run successfully in 64MB of RAM at any given point. Boldly speaking, on the other end, Windows® 7, the newer version and still running in Beta, is explicitly designed to run on high-end and multifaceted hardware to suit entirely modern needs for today’s technologically advanced people on the go. The newer version has powerful built-in features that could encompass that of the old; but the bottom-line still rests on what works better under extreme circumstances and what gives the most perks to the end user.

The following benchmarks of core effectiveness of these two operating systems will be discussed in length:

  • Security Advantage

  • Maximum Performance

  • Reliability and Mobility Accent

Security Advantage

Windows® 7 has the most benefits when it comes to secure online transactions as it has inherited the strong security features of Windows Vista®, an older operating system. In addition to that, it also has a much tamer and subdued UAC or User Account Control feature in contrast to that of Windows Vista®. On the other hand, Windows® XP has been encountering security problems every now and then, and that is a long time to be having dangers of security attacks on one’s system. In this arena, Windows® 7 has the definite leverage in terms of security.

Maximum Performance

Optimum performance of an operating system is proven to be vital in choosing what works best for your PC or netbook. Speed and accuracy in OS performance is detrimental in making or breaking the simplest to the most complex tasks you do online. In particular aspects, Windows® 7 has proven to be the better choice in comparison to Windows® XP with respect to boot time and file transfers. Boot time has never been this speedy; minus all the unnecessary programs popping up and disrupting boot time. File transfers yielded excellent reviews as well; from small files to the more complex PDF files of sorts, Windows® 7 has proven its superiority once again.

Reliability and Mobility Accent

Increasing the battery life is important for any operating system. Windows® XP has some difficulties with this as opposed to the power saving features of Windows® 7, which leads to better and longer battery life. In the area of reliability though, Windows® XP has proven to be more reliable, this being a mature and stable operating system; and advanced applications make it the better option in terms of reliability. Windows® 7 is not lagging much far behind, it looks to be promising and something to watch out for.

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