Crib series: Things to check before making printer complaints

At its simplest, the printer is a tool connected to a computer through which users can get printouts of documents, files, photographs, etc. For small business owners, printers can be absolutely crucial as their work productivity depends upon a well functioning printer. Printers are of many kinds and multiple brands. Though printers can suffer from a variety of problems, most printer complaints can be narrowed down to a short list. And iYogi just has the correct propositions to identify these complaints and issues.

Perhaps the most common of printer complaints is the paper jam issue. Ironically, this complaint can be the toughest to diagnose. Read the trouble code of the printer if you get this sort of problem. You can also get this information from the manufacturer’s website.

In laser printers, this can result from worn out rollers that reside in paper trays. Make sure to check the rollers if you are faced by continuous jam. Many of the modern printers have provisions to change the rollers; in fact it is a good idea to keep some extra rollers on hand. Read the manual before you change any roller.

Printers are of many kinds and give all sorts of printouts. Another common complaint which troubles computer users is that of ink spots or poor printouts. Each printer has a fuser cartridge that needs to be checked if such an issue occurs. Sometimes ink from the toner cartridge can leak into the printer innards. This can cause spotting on the pages. Use a special cloth to keep your printer clean.

The toner cartridge also needs to be changed on a regular basis. When toner cartridges become old, they can start leaking and can cause a host of issues. For spotting issues, clean out any ink that may have gathered under the toner cartridge.

At times your printer can give out very light printouts. This is another common complaint that bedevils and affects PC users. The most likely cause can be a worn out toner cartridge. Get your toner cartridge replaced immediately. If you feel your cartridges are wearing out fast, you can go for a new supplier.

iYogi is a technical support firm that offers help for all sorts of printer problems and complaints under the sun. Whether you have a paper jam issue or a worn out toner cartridge, just look up the iYogi website to resolve your printer problems and complaints without any fuss!