Top Complaints & FAQs

As the technology changes day by day technical complexity increases and you may come across various technical issues related to your PC''s and other peripherals. iYogi''s technical support specialists are here to provide a single platform to resolve all your technical issues with technical support to all the complaints that you have. The highly experienced technical teams at iYogi strive to resolve all technical issues by diagnosing and repairing the issues related to system security, software, connectivity and to hardware devices like routers, modems, printers, laptops, printers and more. Our services also include optimizing the performance and speed of your personal computer, troubleshooting the software errors, updating drivers and troubleshooting complaints related to the internet, devices and peripheral connectivity. The iYogi Technical support service addresses all kinds of technical issues and assistance and support is provided by iYogi''s certified technician 24x7. Enabling unlimited access to the exceptional technical support irrespective of whether it''s a simple startup issue or system freezing, all solution may a addressed by iYogi instantly. All you have to do is call 1 800 237 3901 and get access to superior technical support with one of the highest resolution rate and lowest wait time. So call now and get the best technical support on all your technology related issues from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Somehow I don''t feel the need to have or spend on technical support! Is it required?
    Technology is prone to issues and glitches; while troubleshooting can be a tedious task for you it is also extremely expensive when done by local service providers. Local service providers, computer repair shops etc are not only expensive they are restricted to the brands they service. At iYogi, once you subscribe, you are transferred to our tech support technician who provides you with accurate explanations about your computers problem via phone or remote support. You are charged a single annual subscription amount of $169.99 which gives you unlimited technical support service the whole year round.
  • Is the iYogi service economically viable?
    When compared to any other Technical Support Service provider, an iYogi technical support service is the most financially viable option available. On an average various other providers charger anywhere between $200 - $300 per year or $20 per month. On an hourly basis there are many that charge anywhere ranging from $75 to $100 per hour. God forbid your problem takes 5 hours to solve!!! iYogi has one annual charge of $169.99 which includes unlimited technical support all year round. No matter what / how big / how complicated / or how much time it might take to resolve the issue, you can call us to resolve a new issue every day, yet iYogi would still charge just $169.99 annually.
  • What''s the difference between iYogi and other technical support service providers?
    While plenty of technical support service providers exist iYogi stands out on a number of parameters, be it financial viability, services offered or customer satisfaction. We are a 24/7 service that offers a one-stop shop for anything and everything related to computer troubleshooting. iYogi technicians are trained to ensure a high standard and quality of work performed. More importantly the support provided by iYogi is not restricted to specific brands or products, we provide support for all brands and all computer products unlike other service providers.
  • What happens if I''m not satisfied by the service provided by an agent?
    iYogi aims at delivering best-in-class service to all customers, which is why iYogi has a dedicated team which focuses only on customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by an agent, we provide an easy way for you to post your feedback. This valuable feedback would help guide us in serving you in a better. Please E-mail us your suggestions / queries at
  • If my issue is not resolved by a technician the first time then what do I do?
    With 24/7 technical support service & over 5000 tech experts trained, ready and waiting to resolve your issues; it is a rare case where a customer may not be satisfied with the support provided by an agent. But none the less, if such a case does come up we advise our customers to contact iYogi again, in which case a different technician will help you to solve the issue instantly anytime.
  • What happens if my issue is not resolved or a technician is unable to resolve it?
    iYogi has over 5000 tech experts who are trained, ready and waiting to resolve your issues. We interact with over four hundred thousand customers who come to us again and again only because we provide the best support. If iYogi is unable to resolve the issue we would request you to give send your feedback by logging on to (url…) or send us an E-mail at
  • My issue was not supported by iYogi, what do I do?
    While iYogi strives to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and presently has a 95% resolution rate, there might be a case where an issue projected by a customer is not supported by the iYogi support service. If such a case arises we recommend you send in your feedback to (url…) or send us an E-mail at so that we may be able to look into the matter and ensure such a situation does not arise again.
  • I had to wait for a while before a technician could attend to my issue!
    iYogi aims to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. It is because of this reputation that over four hundred thousand customers keep coming back to us for assistance. Due to such large volumes there might be a rare occasion where your call was not attended or was attended but after a while. We apologize for the inconvenience but just because we made you wait does not mean we don''t appreciate you any less. If your problem is urgent and you cannot wait we recommend you log on and via chat assistance have an iYogi Technician resolve your issue.
  • I was unable to understand the accent / language of the technician!
    iYogi has over 5000 tech experts. If you are unable to understand a technician because of his / her language or accent then you may request for technical support via chat or call back to speak to a different technician.
  • I''ve come across many sites / blogs / articles that don''t show iYogi in good light! How are you the best?
    A 24/7 service, 95% resolution rate, over 5000 tech experts and over four hundred thousand customers, iYogi is likely to have competitors and in this competitive world the Internet is an easily accessible medium. Because anyone can post anything on the web, we recommend prospective customers to either go through our website, give us a call or write in your queries at
  • The charges applicable for the subscription were not clear at the time of registration!
    iYogi tech experts are trained and qualified to ensure customer satisfaction. Our goal is to educate customers about each and every service / feature / cost before a decision is made or a go ahead given. A subscription is just an option to ensure safety and security of your computer for a long duration of time and is not a mandatory function. Customers are also educated about the annual subscription that they need to pay to get our subscription before the registration.
  • I managed to resolve my issue on my own, do I still need iYogi?
    A computer related issue varies. While some issues are simple and easily resolved by computer savvy users, there are more complicated issues which come up as well. The complicated issues, like registry etc require technical knowledge and any attempt made by a non technical individual could lead to a system crash. We recommend our customers to contact iYogi when faced with an issue and allow us to resolve it while they sit back and relax.
  • I reached iYogi by mistake, do I still have to buy?
    While we would advise you to see this ''mistake'' as an opportunity we would also like to inform you that, No! You are not required to buy the subscription. We would however advise you to go through our website and see the benefits you could gain from availing iYogi support services.
  • I would want to deal directly with the OEM / Vendor (Microsoft, McAfee), is that a good idea?
    While a few customers prefer contacting vendors directly we would recommend otherwise. Reason being, each time you contact a vendor you would have to entertain visitation charges, repair charges etc every time. Also, vendors are restricted to a particular brand they service and would not necessarily rectify the problem if another brand product is involved. The main advantage of getting a subscription from iYogi is, apart from not being brand restricted after your onetime charge of $169.99, you don''t need to pay each time when you face an issue.
  • I''d like to give direct feedback to the company, how do I do this?
    Your feedback is welcome; please E-mail us your suggestions / queries at
  • I have the option of registering with another provider other than iYogi and I''m not sure if I should go ahead! Should I?
    iYogi is a 24/7 service that offers a one-stop shop for anything and everything related to computer troubleshooting. iYogi technicians are trained to ensure a high standard and quality of work performed. More importantly the support provided by iYogi is not restricted to specific brands or products, we provide support for all brands and all computer products unlike other service providers. These are just a few of the benefits iYogi provides, we suggest you compare the services with any other tech support provider and then make your decision. If you have any queries feel free to give us a call.
  • I had an issue I solved it, If I managed to resolve the issue myself then why should I call iYogi?
    Computers are complex devices and so are their accessories, one might be able to solve an issue or two on their own by as softwares get updated and compatibility issues crop up the overall head ache and problems you would face would prove frustrating. Which is why iYogi recommends you get in touch with us when you have an issue.