2000 Registry Repair

Do you want to back up, edit and restore registry in Windows® 2000? What are the steps to repair Windows® 2000 Registry files?

With Microsoft®’s Windows® 2000 operating system sometimes you might face a registry problem. There may be cases when your computer is not able to boot and this is possible because of corrupted registry files. To repair or restore registry files you need to gain access to the CD-ROM drive to reinstall software or repair the damaged registry. Windows® 2000 Registry Repair Utility can fix registry file failures for your computer.

Mentioned below are few instructions to repair your Windows® 2000 registry files:

  • What is Windows® Registry?

  • Steps to repair Windows 2000® registry

  • How it is helpful?

What is Windows® Registry?

Windows® Registry is a database that stores and configures settings and options on Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Registry contains settings for operating system components, as well as the applications running on various platforms like kernel, device drivers, user interface and third party applications. All these applications make use of the registry. The registry also provides ways to access counters for profiling system performance.

Steps to repair Windows 2000® registry

You need to follow various steps to repair you registry files. Firstly, you should click on the link provided in the ‘Resource’ section that is ‘Windows® XP Professional Utility: Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install.’ Then you may click on ‘Instructions’ section before installing the software and check your system’s requirements. Next you can Click on ‘Download’ and follow the prompts to copy registry information using several floppy disks. Then you can download ‘Windows® 2000 Registry Repair Utility’ via ‘Resource section’. You need to follow the instructions to install ‘Windows® XP Setup Boot Disk’ and continue. Finally, you should remove the boot disks after the repair utility has finished and boot your system for final result.

How it is helpful?

By repairing Windows® Registry, you may enhance your computer’s performance and that may increase its efficiency and speed. However, if you are unable to repair registry files, then you can call us and our certified technicians will guide you to get the best results.

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