Additional technical support

Do you know what are the different technical supports that are available for your computer issues?

Technical support that works remotely with your computer is an easily available option these days. It is a boon for consumers or small businesses worldwide. It will mainly give support to your PC and almost everything connected to it such as printers, MP3 players, digital camera and a lot of software applications.

One of the greatest advantages of online technical assistance is that there is always a technical expert available to help you 24x7x365. As most people need to use computers these days, and not all users are technically qualified, online assistance as well as telephonic help for PC issues ia a very welcome development.

Here are a few aspects of technical support:

  • Getting Help

  • Operating systems

  • Software

  • Security

  • Hardware

Getting Help

Getting technical help can be performed in several ways, one of the way that is most used by users is the online chat, where you will have a technical expert available to help you. In order to use this tool, you just need to go to the homepage of the support provider and click on the 'Online Chat' button. A technical expert will help you with any questions you type him.

Another way to get your issues resolved is by calling directly to support center and talking with a technical expert. Some people prefer talking on the phone because it is easier to talk about their problem than type about it. Either way, a technical expert is always there to help out with any problem you might be experiencing with your computer, or a device connected to your computer.

Operating systems

One of the greates advantages of technical assistance is that it gives support to many different operation systems. So no matter what computer you have, you can always find help for it. Some of the operating systems that are supported are Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 and Microsoft Windows ME and 98.


There are hundreds of software on which you can find online help, no matter if it´s e-mail, multi-media, CD/DVD burning, compression and zip, etc, you can find all solutions easily. Software is an essential part of your computer work, and without it being run properly, the chances are you are likely to spend more time trying to fix the problem instead of working on what should be worked on.


With all of today´s good technology, also comes the bad of it. So it´s better to always keep your computer protected. Many sites on the internet have viruses on them. E-mails that are sent to you, programs you download from the Internet, file sharing with another user, all of these are potential ways to get a virus into your computer. You can protect your computer from these threats with the help of technical support.


The technical experts not only give support to your computer, but also to what is around your computer. Any network, printer, digital camera or anything else that is related to your computer are taken care of through the technical support systems. One of the major advantages today is that you can have all the support you need from just one site, instead of going to each of your product manufacturer's site for individual solutions. This saves you time and money.

iYogi's Digital Home Plan

We offer comprehensive support for your PC, connected devices, peripherals and over 500 software applications including:

  • Diagnostic & repair for your technologies.
  • Troubleshooting software errors.
  • Updating drivers and security to protect against online threats.
  • Connecting to the Internet, devices and peripherals.
  • Optimizing your PC's speed and performance.

Enjoy instant and unlimited access to great tech support, all year around. We promise the lowest wait-time and the highest resolution rate in the industry. The experienced and skilled technicians of iYogi are on call 24x7 to provide you support for resolving any tech issue that you are struggling with.

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