ATAPI SYS Blue Screen Error

Causes of atapi sys blue screen errors and possible solutions to the problem

The main cause of atapi sys blue screen error is the damage caused to the atapi.sys file and its subsequent inability to feature when it is absolutely necessary to run the system. There are lots of reasons that could propagate this actions and it is therefore important to have a good PC technician to troubleshoot your computer to establish the main reason behind your computer’s peculiar behavior. Below are mentioned the possible reasons of the atapi sys blue screen error.

  • Invasion of computer viruses

  • Degeneration of your computer’s registry files due to various reasons

  • Bad sectors on your hard drive

Invasion of computer viruses

The frequent attacks of computers by computer viruses is quite a common cause of most computer related problems. A number of computer viruses are known to attack the system files and they subsequently affect the running of the operating systems I a major way. If your computer falls prey to bad computer viruses that could attack the system files, it is quite common for such attacks to hit the atapi.sys files, resulting automatically into the atapi sys blue screen errors. Such situations can however be avoided by ensuring that your computer is always kept safe through the installation and updating of a good computer virus program at all times.

Degeneration of your computer’s registry files due to various reasons

The atapi sys blue screen error often comes as a result of the boot system failing to read the atapy.sys files. This is often due to the defects that could be on the registry files which in turn come from the slow degeneration of your computer system following years of use without any system repairs. To prevent such circumstances form jeopardizing your computer, it is always advisable to run registry scans as frequently as possible. In case the registry scans cannot do the trick, you can always seek the support of qualified technical staff.

Bad sectors on your hard drive

A bad sector on your computer’s drive could prevent the system form reading some important files and this could lead to the atapi sys blue screen error. Solving atapi blue screen errors resulting from bad sectors can be repaired by running a complete check disk operation that should help solve any problems in the hard disk. In case the trick does not solve the problem, it is advisable to seek technical assistance from tech experts.

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