Backdoor Computer Security

What is backdoor?

Backdoor is a means to access a computer program by bypassing the security mechanisms. The backdoor can be used by both the system attackers and programmers. A programmer installs a backdoor to troubleshoot a program or some other issues on your PC, whereas hackers often install backdoors to repeatedly access your system without your knowledge. Even if a backdoor is installed for an administrative purpose, it throws risks because the hackers and crackers are waiting for such applications. The backdoors run on protocols like Telnet or SSH and are difficult to detect. To mark the presence of these backdoors, you can run a server on an undistinguished port for a standard service. An installed program like Back Orifice can be used as a backdoor to a program. Even a hardware device or modification of an already existing program can function as a backdoor. These backdoors come as bundled with downloadable software programs or sharewares.

In case your PC is infected by a backdoor virus, you have to understand your operating system before removing it. In general, you have to understand the following things:

  • Consequences of backdoor on your system

  • Symptoms of backdoor

  • How to remove backdoor?

Consequences of backdoor on your system

When a backdoor is installed on a PC, spammers scan it easily and start sending spam mails from the infected machines. Besides, anyone who finds a symmetric backdoor can use it for his/her own purpose. It can be used to alter a program or for other malicious activities. Once a backdoor is installed on a system, the rightful user may find it difficult to regain the control on the program or system. Hackers tactfully install backdoors through Trojan droppers by giving them fancy names and send them through mails. Once installed on your PC, they can use it for all purposes without giving you a single hint.

Symptoms of backdoor

As soon as a backdoor gets installed to your PC, it usually changes the appearance of the desktop. It tries to hijack your browser and monitors your activities over the Internet. The backdoor operation can even change files in your PC without your permission and awareness. Even if you remove a backdoor, it can reinstall itself. Backdoor distributes by displaying pop-up ads. No matter what button you click, it starts downloading and installs a backdoor on your system.

How to remove backdoor?

Detecting and removing backdoors is often difficult. So it is always recommended that you remove all backdoor traces from your system. A simple uninstallation cannot remove a backdoor. A good antispyware program must be used to remove it. Backdoors can be monitored constantly by the use of certain algorithms available. These algorithms determine the kind of traffic based on the packet size exchanged and check for the signatures to identify unwanted access to the system or programs. A motivated user can also help in regaining control over an infected system by reviewing the code of the machine used by the hacker. To detect backdoors you can use the backdoor detection tools.

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