Benefits of Windows® Defender

What are the benefits of having Windows® Defender in your PC?

Windows® Defender is antispyware software. It helps in removing viruses in Microsoft® Windows®. In Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 by default it is enabled. Windows® Defender features a security agent that monitors the changes caused by spyware to Windows®. It also includes the ability to remove the installed ActiveX applications. Windows® Defender installation is easy if you have a genuine copy of Windows®. Otherwise the installation process might be difficult and sometimes it might not be possible. By installing this software you can protect your system from slow performance and security threats. This program removes all the infections, but it cannot eliminate the cause of infection, so the system gets re-infected.

Following points will explain more about Windows® Defender:

  • Needs of updating Windows® Defender

  • Automatic and manual updates

  • Issues while updating

Needs of updating Windows® Defender

Windows® Defender is spyware detection and removal software. By updating this to the latest version you can protect your system from latest threats. By updating Windows® Defender the real time protection can be increased. Internet Explorer® integration helps to scan files when they are downloaded. Updating Windows® Defender increases the performance and the security level of your system.

Automatic and manual updates

Windows® Defender provides both automatic and manual updates. By enabling the automatic update option, the updating process will be done automatically or else you have to update the software on your own. For installing the Windows® Defender your system should meet certain minimum requirements. To update manually, you need to download the latest version of Windows® Defender. Sometimes you might fail to update. This happens if the distribution database is broken, then it should be recreated. By turning on the automatic update option, Windows® Defender downloads and installs the updates automatically.

Issues while updating

Due to the corrupted registry entries you might not be able to start the Windows® Defender service. To resolve this issue you need to uninstall or reinstall Windows® Defender. Sometimes different code errors might occur while updating Windows® Defender. This is due to some settings in Windows® update. Windows® Defender takes more time for full scan. This is because of the temporary Internet files. So better remove all the temporary files.

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