Blank desktop in Windows

Are you puzzled at the blank desktop that is occurring after logging Windows®?

A blank desktop normally occurs after the user logs onto the Windows®. In other words, there is a blank screen that occurs probably due to the failure of Internet Explorer®. There are several reasons for this issue. However, the implications of this type of issue could also be severe. Here are a few tips to avoid the occurrence of this issue In this article, we will cover the three most important factors involved with the no or blank desktop occurring in Windows®; the reasons for the occurrence of this issue, the implications and tips to avoid this issue.

The three most common error codes are explained here:

  • Reasons for no/blank desktop occurring in Windows®

  • Implications of no/blank desktop occurring in Windows®

  • Tips to avoid no/bland desktop occurring in Windows®

Reasons for no/blank desktop occurring in Windows®

Blank desktop occurring in Windows® is a common problem. It is also popularly said to be no desktop in Windows®. In such cases the computer stops responding with blank screen when Windows® are started. This could happen to any computer user because it generally emerges due to many reasons. One of the reasons could be that the account is being operated in user section rather than administrator one. The other reason could be due to over clocking and not resetting the defaults. However, the indications of No icons, no ‘Start’, no taskbar on the display of your systems in Windows® clearly corresponds to explorer.exe not starting.

Implications of no/blank desktop occurring in Windows®

The problem of no/blank desktop occurring in Windows® is not restricted only to a specific level, but it is mainly integrated in a profile dispute in domain controller policy. The domain consists of the primary and back up domain both running win 2003 standard RC2. So, it indicates a major disability. In many cases due to arousal of this problem the explore.exe will not run at all and will lead to the manual launching of Internet Explorer®. This problem will occur for users when they are on the move. This problem will happen to all the users working in case they are carrying it out in a roaming profile. And last but not least there is a huge security hole when this problem arises.

Tips to avoid lank desktop occurring in Windows®

In order to avoid blank desktop occurring in Windows® the user has to primarily log off via the task manager and again log in with the same id temporarily. The user may need to log on and log off a number of times for the desktop reoccur. However, in some cases it may also lead inversely to the logging into the affected machine. If there is an antivirus program already installed in the system then the uninstallation or removal of the antivirus program would be a better option to avoid this problem.

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