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Blue Screen and its Error codes

Are you curious to know why blue screen error codes occur?

Computer operators are familiar with the term Blue Screen of Death. It attacks the computers that run on Windows® operating systems. The error shows several Death Stop Codes or error codes indicating the pattern of the error. The blue Screen problem may arise due to unauthorized access of any vital part of the memory, defective hardware installation or from damaged drivers of the computer. Furthermore, the viruses and other malicious software also develop the same problem.

The three most common error codes are explained here:

  • Error Stop 0x0000000A

  • Stop 0x0000001E

  • Error Stop 0x00000024

Error Stop 0x0000000A

The “Stop 0x0000000A” error occurs when any computer drivers attempt to access a restrictive section of the memory to which it does not have the permission. The error may also have caused by the high request level of the kernel for interruption. If the “Stop 0x0000000A” problem arises due to corruption in any driver then the driver should be disabled. A defective hardware may cause the blue screen error which may be resolved by removing the device.

Stop 0x0000001E

The reasons behind the “Stop 0x0000001E” error are similar to the “Stop 0x0000000A”. It generally occurs due to unusual operations by the processor which cannot be detected by the kernel of Windows® XP. The error may also be generated from the illegal access of any internal part of the memory. If this error has occurred due to any defective driver or hardware then it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Error Stop 0x00000024

The Blue Screen Error code may occur due to a problem within the Ntfs.sys files as these files allow the system to read from the NTFS files in the system drives. You must perform a regular check, whether your system is free from any unwanted threats to remove the error. Try to scan the computer with an antivirus or antispyware program. The malfunctioning of the SCSI hardware also leads to this error. In this case, constantly verify the cable and termination problem in between disk and controller of the SCSI hardware.

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