Blue Screen Boot Error

Different causes of blue screen error messages and how to fix any problems resulting from the condition.

Almost every computer user can confess to having experienced the blue screen error message at one time or another. With this reality in mind, it is important for any computer user to try and determine the cause and possible solution to the blue screen error message whenever it occurs.

In order to effectively handle blue screen error messages that appear on your computer screen, it is important to be able to determine the cause of the message as knowing the reason behind the cause of the message helps in a very major way when it comes to solving the problem. There are various blue screen error messages and all of them are caused by different reasons. Below are some of the common blue screen error messages and factors surrounding their appearances.

  • Atapi sys blue screen error

  • Blue screen driver error

  • Blue screen c000021a fatal system error

  • Blue screen dump error

Atapi sys blue screen error

This kind of blue screen error message could be caused by a number of reasons ranging from hardware failure to software failure. In most of the cases, the hardware errors that result in such messages could be as a result of memory failure or at times it could simply be a hard drive failure if your hard disks affected. It is, however, important to establish the reason behind the computer's inability to read from your hard drive. There could be several reasons including broken data cables in cases of desktop computers among other reasons.

Blue screen driver error

The blue screen driver error is often caused by a fault in device drivers in your computer system. The system fails to initialize under the circumstances and the computer is forced to hang or freeze. In many case, a simple repair or re-installation of the device drivers will often solve the problem. In cases where the drivers are not compatible, you can simply restore your system to a previous state before the installation of the drivers to solve the problem.
Blue screen c000021a fatal system error

This particular blue screen error is most commonly experienced on machines running on Windows operating systems. In some cases, it could be caused by virus attacks while in some cases, the error message could result from system failures. The best way to prevent serious damage to your computer from such problems is to always establish a system restore point whenever you introduce any new installations of drivers, drives or applications.
Blue screen dump error

This particular blue screen error is often as a result of problems with recently installed hardware or software on your computer. At times, it may also be experienced as a result of memory failure or damages to the system registry files. All this problems can be solved by first identifying the true or exact cause of the error. If the problem persists, you can refer to established technology service providing companies such as I Yogi for assistance.
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