Blue Screen Driver Error

What are the main causes of blue screen driver errors and how can we avoid them?

As much as we may know that the blue screen driver errors are always experienced when the drivers of a particular hardware fail, it is equally important to note that the identification of the driver in question and the relevant remedy are of great importance towards the successful solution to the problem.

Some tips that a person should make use of when confronted by the blue screen driver error include the following:

  • Latest added hardware to your computer

  • Memory module specification

  • Changes in drivers installed on your computer

Latest added hardware to your computer

In many cases, people experience blue screen driver errors soon after making some additions in terms of hardware to your computer. If the hardware that you added requires some specific drivers that did not come with your operating system, it is important to ensure that you have the right installation source so that you do not end up installing drivers that may not be compatible with your newly added hardware. It is always advisable to try and set up a system restore point during the installation. This helps in a major way should the blue screen driver error appear soon after the completion of your installation since all you would have to do is restore the system back to its original state and eliminate the new hardware.

Memory module specification

In cases where your computer or laptop has more than a single memory stick, it is always important to ensure that the two modules are of the same specifications. Each computer has its specified memory modules and it is advisable to always replace any damaged ones with similar modules. In case you need a memory upgrade, you must also be sure to follow the same guidelines meticulously. If for some reason your memory module fails to register at the boot session, it is important to take out some time and ensure that the slots in which they are slotted are in clean and good order as dirty memory card slots could also prevent the system from reading your memory. To stay on the safe side, it would be more convenient to have your computer regularly serviced by technology support companies such as iYogi as this is a pro-active measure that will ensure that you do not get stuck at the most crucial of times.

Changes in drivers installed on your computer

At times specific hardware errors may be detected y some of your installed and working hardware suddenly failing to register in the system. In such cases, you may be surprised to find your computer register the blue screen error message without any warning signs. In such cases, it is important to try and repair or update your installed drivers. If the re-installation does not solve your problem, you should seek advice from a qualified hardware technician who should help in making an accurate diagnosis. iYogi is one such company that will always be glad to help.

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