Blue Screen Error 1033 Message

How to prevent Blue Screen error 1033 message?

It is quite common for a computer to at least once in its lifespan to encounter the blue screen of death, which is a colloquial term to refer to the blue error screen which may be displayed by operating systems. This blue screen usually occurs with an error message if the PC has encountered a critical system error which may cause the system to shut down so as to prevent any further irreversible damage to the system. The error message that appears in this blue screen can also present information that can be used for diagnostic purposes. Usually, the blue screen appears with error codes. Each code signals a different problem that the PC is experiencing. One such error is the blue screen error 1033 message. This bug check is typically issued if paged memory (or invalid memory) is accessed when the IRQL is too high. The error 1033 message is usually generated if a faulty driver, system service or BIOS are installed. This blue screen error 1033 message may pop up while you are booting your PC, preventing you from working on it. In order to avoid such frustration and the hassle of having to solve the error 1033 problem, there are some steps that can be taken to prevent the occurrence of this error message.

  • Back up registry files

  • Let your computer run normally

  • Avoid abnormal shutdown of PC

  • RAM and system files optimization

Back up registry files

In order to prevent the occurrence of the blue screen error 1033 message, you can take the vital step of backing up important registry files manually. This should be done at regular intervals so that all system files are in order. This way, you will be able to ensure that your computer is not left in a mess if your system goes haywire. You will have your alternative backup files at hand to restore your system if things go awry.

Let your computer run normally

If you are a regular computer user who uses it for regular purposes, leave your computer alone if it is running normally. Where the PC is running at its optimum level, it is unnecessary to upgrade your graphic card, BIOS and driver programs of the main board. Unnecessarily upgrading drivers and graphic cards may cause harm to your system performance especially if you are not much of an expert. Also do not install useless software if you can help it. Such unwarranted enhancements can put your computer at the risk of blue screen of death problems.

Avoid abnormal shutdown of PC

Another way of preventing the blue screen 1033 message from appearing would be to avoid shutting down the computer abnormally. Shutting the power abruptly while programs are running could be detrimental to the PC. A normal shutdown will help reduce the number of lost files like Dynamic Library Link files (DLL) which are important in the smooth operation of your PC. Be patient and wait for your computer to close all programs and shut down completely.

RAM and system files optimization

If your PC does not possess large RAM and administrative programs, it is strongly advised that you do not run multiple programs at the same time. When you do so, you are gradually causing more harm to your PC. Moreover, when you do so, you may find that your system will start creaking when you are listening to music and so on. Also, check and optimize your system files regularly. Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt and type "sfc." This will allow you to check lost files and proofread versions. Also perform disk cleanup and defragmentation regularly. This will prevent blue screen problems as more disk space is created.

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