Blue Screen Error 7b

How to Prevent Blue Screen Error 7b Message?

You are working on my PC late into the night to finish up some urgent pending work. Suddenly, the PC goes blank and a blue screen error message appears. This leaves you in a panicky state, not knowing what to do. You are then left wondering what went wrong for the blue screen to appear. A blue screen error message usually occurs when the PC has encountered a critical system error which causes the system to shut down, reboot itself to avoid damage to any system files. Each error message contains a numerical code which represents varying issues. One such error is the blue screen error 7b message. If you have ever encountered this error message, you must have wondered what it could indicate. When this error is displayed during boot up, it could indicate that a problem has occurred during the initialization of the I/O system; often the startup device or the file system. This means that your operating system has lost access to the system volume or boot volume during the start up process. Such occurrences could mean hardware problems like a failed boot device, corrupted or incompatible storage drivers, file system problems, outdated firmware and/or boot sector viruses. There are some ways you can prevent this error from occurring.

  • Regular registry scan

  • Antivirus scans

  • Correct installation of storage devices

  • Firmware check

Regular registry scan

One way of preventing the occurrence of the blue screen error 7b message would be to ensure that regularly do a registry scan of your PC. A registry scan will clean up the registry and remove all erroneous and incomplete information so as to prevent the error 7b message from appearing. If you scan your computer with a registry repair software, you can be rest assured that the scan will detect any problems in the registry, thereafter safely removing them. Registry cleaning can also enhance your PC’s functioning abilities.

Antivirus scans

A blue screen error 7b message can occur if there is a boot sector virus in your PC. Regularly performing an antivirus scan can eradicate this problem from occurring. Using a reliable antivirus scan will detect boot sector virus which can eventually result in this blue screen problem. Perform this scan at regular intervals so as to remove viruses from your PC from time to time. Keeping your PC free of viruses can also enhance the functioning of your PC.

Correct installation of storage devices

As mentioned previously, the blue screen error 7b message can occur if a storage device has been incorrectly installed or is corrupt. When intending to install any form of storage device, it is important that you follow the instructions carefully and do not abruptly halt the installation process. Such abrupt interruption in the installation can cause the driver to be corrupt, thereby contributing to the error 7b message. If a corrupt device has been installed, it should be detected and promptly uninstalled so as to prevent further damage to the PC.

Firmware check

It is also highly recommended that you perform regular updates to your firmware. Using outdated firmware can cause compatibility issues which can cause problems to the system or the software or device that you are using on your PC. Check for updates on your firmware regularly and ensure that you always have the latest one installed. This is a sure way of ensuring you never have to deal with a blue screen error 7b message that is related to firmware incompatibility.

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