Windows® Restarts after Blue Screen Error

Have you ever wondered why Windows® restarts with Blue Screen error?

When Blue screen error in your machine happens, the machine restarts after dumping the error. If after restart, the same scenario occurs the machine displays blue screen error again. This happens continuously until the root cause of the problem is resolved. It is important that you understand the cause of the problem to take appropriate corrective action. The following are discussed in detail:

  • Common hardware reasons for

  • Common software reasons for

  • How to resolve the errors?

Common hardware reasons for

A STOP error causes the computer to stop. This is a fatal system error that can follow a hardware fault. Hardware errors occur due to either compatibility issues, corruption due to environmental factors, or physical damages.

Some hardware devices do not work along with other hardware devices. So when your system resources try to access the hardware blue screen would occur and the machine would not recover until the hardware is replaced.

Sometimes the hardware gets damaged due to physical impact (like after a fall), or due to overheating. You have to replace the hardware in this case too.

Common software reasons for

Software issues resulting to blue screen error restart are difficult to solve without expert technical help. Usually there are a lot of complicated reasons. The main software related causes are due to registry corruption, virus attack or incompatible DLLs and operating system files.

Your machine would be undergoing continuous change with new applications installed, new files created, copied or downloaded from Internet. So your machine becomes prone to attack from these applications and computer virus.

How to resolve the errors?

When this blue screen error occurs for the first time restart your computer. If this screen appears again follow the steps provided in this section.

If a driver is given in the dump message of the Stop error disable the driver or check with the manufacturer for driver updates. Check for all hardware conditions and ensure there are not errors due to hardware malfunction. Also check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updates. While debugging, ensure to disable BIOS memory options for caching and shadowing.

For software issues, try enhancing important drivers like video adapters, drivers for hard disk and RAM, and power adapters. If none of these does not work registry repair should be tried. This can be done using an online registry cleaner provided by Microsoft®. Before you run this cleaner, make sure you have taken care of 2 things. First is to take a backup of the important files in your machine.

Even after the registry clean, blue screen error occurs - you have to use Windows® Recovery Console. You can use this console even if you have not used the registry cleanup in case your machine could not start up.

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