Blue screen error solution

Are you puzzled about the blue screen that appears on your computer screen?

The Blue screen error messages are also referred to as Stop messages. The messages contain specific information that can help you diagnose and possibly resolve the problem detected by Windows.

This article will tell you about a few steps with which you can prevent blue screen errors from occurring.

  • How to solve blue screen errors

  • Preventing the errors

Solving blue screen errors

Correct troubleshooting is the key to proper resolution to the blue screen error. In case troubleshooting is not properly done, you might end up buying expensive hardware components, reinstalling the Operating system by losing your useful files, and software; and worsening the problem by using other software to debug the problem.

In case you are not sure of how to recover from the blue screen error, you can use the recover disc (CD-ROM or DVD) from your computer manufacturer to quickly restore Windows and all the software that was pre-installed on your computer. If you do not have a CD-ROM or DVD for restoration, you can install a clean version of Windows by using the Windows installation disc. If you do not have the installation or recovery disk and your windows starts up after the blue screen error, go to the “Problems reports and Solutions” section in control panel and click “Check for new solutions” in the Tasks pane. This would take a few minutes while Windows checks for solutions to problems.

Check for all hardware conditions and ensure that there are no errors due to hardware incompatibility or malfunctioning. Also check with your hardware vendor for any BIOS updates.

For software issues, try enhancing important drivers like video adapters, drivers for hard disk and RAM, and power adapters. If none of these work the registry should be repaired. This can be done using an online registry cleaner provided by Microsoft.

Preventing the errors

It is a good practice to prevent your machine from encountering a blue screen error as these errors occur predominantly due to human actions. If you can take care of some basic and easy steps then your machine would not encounter a blue screen error.

Ensure you install only Microsoft trusted software and third party application. Run a disk scan to make sure there aren't any errors on the computer hard drive. Also ensure your machine is sufficiently cooled so that it prevents any hardware failure.

Most importantly, make sure the anti-virus and anti-spyware suite in your machine is updated with the latest packs to prevent any corruption and damage to your machine.

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