Fix Blue Screen Error Win32k.sys

How to fix Blue Screen Error 'Win32k.sys'.

When errors mostly occur right when you are in the middle of an important job they are very annoying. When a 'Win32k.sys' blue screen error occurs, all programs running on your system hang and an error message gets displayed. You may have to face several problems like a slow shutdown, hard drive errors, driver issues, stop errors and so on, if there is any kind of unwanted change in your registry settings. If your PC is protected, it will function smoothly. Be extremely careful while removing programs, opening unknown emails with attachments and connecting to the Internet without protecting your system as it may lead to several system errors.

Following the steps given below will help you to prevent Win32k.sys blue screen error:

  • Registry cleaning

  • Fix faulty hard drive and device drivers

  • System Restore

Registry cleaning

The Windows registry has a large number of settings and options. This enables your computer to work properly. If you work on the system for a long time without cleaning your registry, a 'Win32k.sys' error can occur. Such unwanted entries are left behind if any software is not installed properly. So if you were not able to carry out a successful installation then make sure that you delete such unwanted files from the system without delay. Using Windows registry cleaner software will help you get rid of this error which can eliminate all unwanted files dumped in your registry. Conducting a registry cleaning will not only free your system from errors but it will also speed up your PC.

Faulty hard drive and device drivers

A malfunctioning RAM or hard drive can be a major cause of 'Win32k.sys' blue screen error. Check whether any unwanted noises are coming from the hard drive. Update your Operating System. A conflicting device driver is also another major cause leading to this error. So uninstalling such drivers may also help. To uninstall a faulty device driver, go to Windows device manager, right click on “My Computer”. In that select hardware, where you can see a list of all the drivers installed on your computer. A faulty driver will have an exclamation mark next to it. You should reinstall or remove it.

System Restore

Restoring your computer is a good way to remove 'Win32k.sys' error from your system. When you conduct a system restore, you will have a chance to fix the harm done. Maintenance of your system on a regular basis will help you prevent blue screen errors like 'Win32k.sys'. If you feel that something is wrong with the performance of your system, a system restore process will help you bring back your computer to a better state of an earlier date when it was free of software glitches. But do not forget to create a backup of all your applications before carrying out this process.

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