Blue Screen Error

What are some of the common causes behind blue screen errors and how can they be prevented or solved?

Taking into consideration the processes that a computer has to undergo to boot successfully, it is important to be able to determine the possible causes of a boot failure. Owing to the many factors that contribute to a successful boot in any computer, every person who experiences the blue screen error must be able to list a number of possible factors to look into.

Mentioned below are some of the influencing factors towards a blue screen error:

  • The clutter of registry files that pile up after long time usage

  • Corrupt or damaged registry files

  • Hardware faults that may block the sources of registry and boot system files.

The clutter of registry files that pile up after long time usage

After running your computer on one operating system over a long duration of time, the registry files tend to get cluttered with some sections getting depleted in the process. It is crucially important to ensure that you have a registry cleaning software in place so that you run a registry cleanup at least once a week. This will ensure that your registry files that are very vital in the booting process are always intact.

Corrupt or damaged registry files

At times, registry files get corrupted for various reasons, it is always important for the computer to be maintained regularly to guard against such eventualities. Among some of the reasons that could result in the corruption of registry files include virus attacks from malicious downloads, accidental deletion of system files by a computer user or partial damage to the computer storage media like hard drives and so on. All these problems can be solved in various ways depending on the cause. Take the virus attacks for example; the installation and configuration of a good antivirus program should be a sure remedy. Performing frequent scans and repairing any indications of damage before they eventually become lethal is one great recommendation.

Hardware faults that may block the sources of registry and boot system files

Taking into consideration to the fact that the registry files are always stored in the hard drive where the operating system is installed, it is always important that the rest of the computer is able to communicate with the hard drive a process that is linked by either data cables or the on board slots depending on your PC model. If there is no link as required, the blue screen error will be witnessed. It is however wise to start from the registry repair and system repair before concentrating on the hardware aspect. Memory modules could also cause the blue screen error if they conflict or fail. If it does get to this level, it is advisable to consult qualified hardware technicians such as those from iYogi to troubleshoot your computer and determine the problem.

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