Blue Screen Hardware Error

How to prevent hardware Blue Screen errors?

Generally, it happens when a system error is encountered which is severe enough that it followed instructions to shut the system down preventing harm to the integrity of the computer. When it shuts the system down, typically it does a “core dump” (meaning it copied the contents of its memory onto the hard disk) which is then used to diagnose the problem that instigated the system error to begin with.

The problems related to Blue Screen Hardware Errors are mentioned below:

  • Problems related to Blue Screen hardware errors

  • Illegal operation is encountered

  • Tips to prevent these errors

Problems related to Blue Screen hardware errors

Many times these Blue Screen Hardware Errors are caused by “Device Drivers”, but unless users have computer knowledge they may not necessarily know what this term means. Basically a “Device Driver” is a computer program that lets the computer communicate with another piece of hardware.

This communication between the two devices is done with their own tool which is called a “Computer Bus” – this is the device that connects the hardware and permits the communication to commence. This allows the computer and the hardware to perform different tasks, and the problems arise when these “Device Drivers” have bugs in the software – basically meaning they are not working properly. When the communication between the devices don’t work properly, an “Interrupt” procedure initiates which causes this wonderful blue screen of death and the system shuts down.

Illegal operation is encountered

Another type of reason that the Blue Screen Hardware Error is encountered is because an attached hardware device has failed and an internal “Kernal” ran into a problem as a result of the hardware failure. A “Kernal” is the link between the computer programs and the hardware, and is an essential module of the system’s operating instructions. When these illegal operations are encountered, a “core dump” is typically done for engineers to help them research and diagnose the activity that caused the system to shut down.

Tips to prevent these errors

There are plenty of hardware devices that are added to the computer, as well as software, and one thing that can cause these errors is that the hardware is added without the appropriate driver. Make sure that the correct driver is added with the hardware to prevent these system crashes.

When adding new applications, make sure there is enough disk space available – not only for the application itself, but that enough remains to actually store other programs or files that may be created. Running out of disk space also causes these crashes.

And finally, Blue Screen Hardware Error can be caused by viruses that have been downloaded to the computer. Make sure there is a good virus protection program running at all times to help prevent these problems.

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