Guidelines On Blue Screen Memory Dump Error

How is blue screen memory dump caused and how can you prevent it?

If a system error is not taken care of at the right time, it may lead to complete data loss or a system crash. The various reasons which can lead to a blue screen memory dump are corrupt or missing DLL file, memory allocation, computer error or a faulty RAM. At times it is also referred to as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Such an error can be caused by both hardware and software problems in the system. This error can be avoided by registry cleaning which will remove all corrupted and unwanted files and by replacing the hardware or software causing issues. When this error occurs the PC automatically shuts down and restarts displaying a blue screen error message on the screen.

This is how you prevent a blue screen memory dump error:

  • System Incompatibility

  • Software Problems

  • Use A Registry Cleaner

System Incompatibility

When the system is not compatible with the hardware a blue screen memory dump can occur. When two hardware pieces cannot function together a problem may arise. So remove any newly installed hardware to stop this problem. In order to confirm whether the problem is with the hardware itself, reboot your system into safe mode. For this you have to hit the F8 button continuously before Windows starts loading. In this mode Windows will not use any drivers or software that could lead to damage. So if your PC still crashes in this mode, you can confirm that there is a problem with the hardware and take the necessary steps.

Software Problems

If any software you installed in your system is incompatible with it, a blue screen error occurs. Boot into safe mode from the Windows startup menu and remove the recently installed software which might be causing the problem. In case you have modified registry, restore the registry from a backup archive. You can also go for a system restore to revert the settings to a safe point.

Use A Registry Cleaner

Registry stores the settings and options for your system and keeps the Windows running smoothly. But it is prone to damage and being corrupted. This may lead to memory dump error. This can be fixed by using a registry cleaner tool to scan the registry and rectify the damaged settings. This is actually beneficial in other ways. Conducting a registry cleaning will enable Windows to read all the files it needs to run making your system faster and smoother.

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