Boot Registry Repair

How to repair corrupted registry files when you cannot boot your system?

There might be different types of problems occurred in a computer. It may be in software, hardware, booting problems but in every case, there are some instant solving techniques if the problem is not severe. Registry problem can be occurred sometime. Registry works at the time of booting a computer.

Tips to repair a corrupted registry file when can't boot are discussed in the following points.

  • What is registry?

  • Registry editor

  • How it works?

What is registry?

Registry is a sort of vast database that controls nearly each and every aspect of Windows®. So, the problem in registry can come by every type of errors occurred in a system. It is not possible every time to call a system repair professional to repair registry problems as it will take a long time, and it is quite expensive also. So there are some steps, which can be followed to repair basic registry problems at the time of booting a computer. As we know the registry controls a huge share of Windows®, so we should be very aware at the time of working with registry. If we make an error in registry then the operating system as well as the software installed in it might be destroyed. So, a backup of the system should be kept always when working with registry.

Registry editor

The prime tool to manually solve the boot registry problem is the registry editor. This is a tool which is created by Microsoft®, and it is installed with the operating system only. Due to the destructive capability of registry Microsoft® did not create any icon for it. So the user should make own icon or run the program from Run prompt.

How it works?

The registry editor window just looks like any Windows® Explorer. There are basically 6 primary registry keys in it, which is shown in the window. There are some sub-keys also for every key. Each key is made up of name and value data. If we want to make change the existing value all we need to right click on it. There is a menu that lets us choose from modify, rename and delete a value. To rename a value allows changing only the name portion of the value and modifying a value allows editing only the data portion. To create any new key or value new command should be taken from edit menu. Creating a new key in registry and creating a new folder in Windows® is almost same. There is another special feature in registry that is find and finds the next command. This is very helpful at the time of opening any registry key or the value of it. Even any partial word or value search can be done through it. This feature is very helpful as there are a lot of keys and values in it.

This is how we can repair basic registry problems. For any severe problems, it is recommended to call any system administrator and check it.

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