Clean Computer Registry

How to clean computer registry? How can it enhance your computer’s performance?

Registry is one of the most important parts in a computer it contains a huge database virtually. Registry works at the time of booting a computer. Registry problems might be occurred by every type of errors in a computer. As we know the registry controls a huge portion of Windows®, so we should be very cautious at the time of working with registry. If we make a mistake in registry then the operating system and the software installed in it might be destroyed.

Tips to clean registry and the common reasons for registry issues are discussed in the following points.

  • Why registry cleaning is necessary?

  • Registry clean PRO

  • Registry cleaning operation

Why registry cleaning is necessary?

Registry is directly or indirectly used every time we start the computer. This is used for every type of work, running program, etc. So the registry might face some problems for any other types of error occur. The computer might be slow if there is any problem in registry. So the registry should be cleaned in a regular time gap. Previously there was a tool named RegClean, which was a very powerful tool to clean up the Registry. The only disadvantage of it was it could not work with Windows® XP. It performed well in case of Windows® 98, NT. So Microsoft® yanked it from every source where it was available.

Registry clean PRO

Registry clean pro is software, which is vastly used to clean up registry. The cleaning performance by it is very efficient. It does some additional tasks also other than cleaning the registry. It allowed one to analyze and understand the problems found in registry. One can download a free trial of it from the utility’s website. The trial version performs a registry clean operation and removes the invalid entries from seven of the nine main registry sections. The full version which costs around $29.95 performs the cleaning work and removes all invalid entries from all nine main registry sections.

Registry cleaning operation

At first the registry cleaning pro software should be installed in the computer by using the installation wizard. Then when we launch the program, three options will be shown by the window, i.e. clean the registry, undo the last cleanup and change settings. The first two options are self explanatory and are most useful at the time of troubleshooting a computer. The third options do the background monitoring of every type of registry problems and if such happens then it will give alert for it. It doesn’t make the computer slow. There are also two scan types, i.e. full scan and custom scan. I full scan the total registry is scanned and in custom scan selected sections of registry can be scanned. After scanning process done, it will show the list of invalid entries, which can be viewed by the user and removed from the registry.

There are some other softwares also to clean the registry. In this way, we can keep the registry fully functional and keep the computer in good working condition.

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