Different Windows XP Mode

Significance of Windows® XP mode for a system with Windows® 7 operating system

Windows® XP Mode has been designed to provide software applications and programs that are compatible with Windows® 7 operating system. Windows® XP Mode builds a virtualized environment in order to run Windows® XP applications that will not run directly in Windows® 7 operating system. Windows® XP Mode is a program that allows you to take benefit of Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® 7 Enterprise and Windows® 7 Ultimate by providing additional application compatibility.

Following article discusses about the necessity of Windows® XP Mode and the issues that can arise in Windows® XP Mode:

  • Why do you require Windows® XP Mode

  • Download and install Windows® XP Mode

  • Issues with Windows® XP Mode

Why do you require Windows® XP Mode

Windows® 7 includes several in-built tools that are meant to fix program compatibilities, as well as install programs of Windows® XP directly on Windows® 7. Windows® XP Mode runs few older software applications successfully that might not run on Windows® 7. Hence, it is important to visit the Windows® 7 Compatibility Center in order to search for software programs that might work in compatibility with Windows® 7.

Download and install Windows® XP Mode

In order to download and install Windows® XP Mode, you need to visit the website of Microsoft®. All you need to do is click on the ‘Windows XP Mode’ option and wait for the downloading of file that may take several minutes. You can also download Windows® Virtual PC, which is the latest Microsoft® virtualization technology and runtime engine for Windows® XP Mode that has been designed for Windows® 7.

Issues with Windows® XP Mode

Though Windows® XP Mode has great features, but still there are few issues a user might come across with this software program. In case if you try to download Windows® XP Mode on Windows® 7 Home Premium, your system might face compatibility issues. Windows® XP Mode is suitable for older business and productivity applications, such as accounting, inventory, and many others. It does not support Windows® 7 Home Premium as it has consumer applications that might require extensive use of hardware interfaces, such as 3-D graphics, audio and TV tuners.

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