What is Dumpreport.exe and is your system at risk?

DumpReport.exe is a malicious spyware file which is generally used by hackers to make wrong use of your computer. Generally, DumpReport.exe does not pose a risk to your computer as it is flagged as one of the system processes.

  • Activities of DumpReport.exe

  • Symptoms of DumpReport.exe Infection

  • How to remove DumpReport.exe?

Activities of DumpReport.exe

DumpReport.exe generally performs the below-mentioned activities:

  • It is packaged the way software is packaged.

  • It creates more number of processes on the computer disk.

  • It executes all the processes.

  • It is associated with process hijacking, i.e. it writes to the virtual memory of other processes as well.

Symptoms of DumpReport.exe Infection

You can determine whether your system has been infected with the DumpReport.exe spyware file by closely following the behavior of this spyware and linking it with your system’s behavior. The key symptoms of DumpReport.exe infection are as follows:

  • DumpReport.exe is added to the system as ‘Registry Auto Start’ and loads programs after the system is restarted. Dynamic Link Library File is the way in which it registers.

  • The disk recognizes DumpReport.exe as a process.

  • Other programs insert their codes into the virtual memory space of DumpReport.exe.

  • It is even terminated like a process.

How to remove DumpReport.exe?

To get rid of any negative impact associated with DumpReport.exe, you must detect it and then remove it from your computer. You can detect DumpReport.exe and then delete it from your system by performing the following steps:

  • Click ‘Start’→ ‘Search’ → ‘All Files and Folders’.

  • Type ‘DumpReport.exe’ in the space provided to write ‘All or part of the file name’.

  • Select ‘My Computer’ and then 'Local Hard Drives’ in the ‘Look in’ section and click ‘Search’.

  • After the search is over, right-click on DumpReport.exe and select ‘Delete’.

  • Go to ‘Task Manager’ by pressing ‘Ctrl’+‘Alt’+‘Del’.

  • Search ‘DumpReport.exe’ under the ‘Processes’ tab.

  • Select ‘Dumpreport.exe’ from the results and click ‘End Process’, which will bring the process to an end.

  • To deleteDumpreport.exe’ files from other areas, click ‘Start’, click ‘Search’, type ‘cmd’ and click ‘Enter’.

  • In the new window that opens, type 'cd name of the folder’ and click ‘Enter’.

  • Type ‘dir/a’ and get the content of the folder by clicking the ‘Enter’ button.

  • Find the Dumpreport.exe’ file and delete it.

By following the above-mentioned process, you will make sure that DumpReport.exe is completely removed from your computer.

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