Enable Programs using Windows Firewall

Are you wondering how to run programs blocked by firewall?

Firewall is a technological barrier intended to prevent unwanted and unauthorized communication between sections of a computer network. As far as Microsoft® is concerned, Windows® Firewall is a service included with server and desktop releases of Windows Server® 2003, later versions and Windows® XP. Before the release of Windows® XP Service Pack 2 in 2004, the firewall was called as Internet Connection Firewall. In short, firewall is a piece of hardware or software that helps to screen out worms, viruses and hackers that try to reach your computer through Internet. Usage of firewall can be the first step taken by you to protect your computer.

You can understand more about firewall from the information given below:

  • The working of Windows® Firewall

  • Why the firewall blocks some programs to run on a computer?

  • How to enable programs using Windows® Firewall?

The working of Windows® Firewall

Windows® Firewall observes all network traffic on the connections for which it is enabled. It also keeps track of all communications from your computer and prevents unsolicited traffic before it reaches your PC. If needed, the firewall opens certain ports with dynamism and permits your computer to receive traffic that is requested specifically. A port is a networking term that recognizes the spot at which a type of network traffic arrives at your computer. The accurate port that you open depends on the type of traffic you are interested to receive or send. In case you need to block incoming traffic, Windows® Firewall blocks it before it reaches your computer. For some special uses like hosting your own web server, hosting online games and networking, you can choose ports that you want to leave open. Windows® Firewall forms part of Windows® XP SP2 or higher Professional Edition, Windows® XP SP2 or higher Home Edition and Windows Vista®.

Why the firewall blocks some programs to run on a computer?

To provide security for your Windows® XP SP2 based computer, Windows® Firewall blocks some programs that are server-based or client-based, which communicate over a network or over the Internet. Some of these programs are Windows® XP SP2 based server program that responds to the requests of the clients, Windows® XP SP2 based client based programs that receive data from a server and instant message and multiplayer programs that are using the Internet. So, the reason for blockage of some programs by Windows® Firewall is the security of your computer.

How to enable programs using Windows® Firewall?

Some games and programs should receive information over the network for proper working. This information enters your computer through an inbound port. The appropriate inbound port must be kept open on your computer so that Windows® Firewall can permit the required information to enter your PC. If you want Windows® Firewall to permit the entry of information click unblock in the Windows® Security Alert dialog box. If the Windows® Firewall still blocks the running of the program, get in touch with certified technical experts of iYogi, who will surely be able to solve this problem with utmost perfection.

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