Fix Booting Problem

How to resolve or fix master boot record using recovery console?

Computer is a very important thing in human life today. It is needed in every spare of life to make difficult works easier and to complete any task in a shorter period of time. But many types of problems might occur in computer. It is not possible for everyone to call up servicing person every time as it will take a long time and expensive also. These problems can be solved by using some simple instructions.

Tips to resolve or fix master boot record using recovery console are discussed in the following points.

  • What is booting problem?

  • Method of fixing booting problem

  • Recovery console

What is booting problem?

Sometime this might happen that computer hardware appears to be okay but the Windows® operating systems might not work properly. This is the main booting problem one might face at the time of booting computer. The user needs to troubleshoot the problems by getting into the operating system, determining the problem and fixing it. There are several techniques to recover the Windows® booting problem.

Method of fixing booting problem

The first method of recovering boot problem is start up disk. There are some steps need to be followed for startup disk method. At first three files need to be copied from a running Window® XP configured system, which are Boot.ini, NTLDR, to a floppy disk. Now the floppy disk has to be inserted to the afflicted computer. Then reboot should be done. At the time of booting from Windows® start up disc, the computer will import the active partition and boot files on the hard disk and attempt to start XP normally.

Recovery console

Recovery console is a tool which is used in the case where the boot problem is very severe. If the Windows® XP CD is bootable then it will give the access of Recovery Console. To boot from Windows® XP CD, first it should be inserted into CD ROM drive on the system where the problem is occurring and the booting should be started. When the system starts to boot from the CD, there will be some prompts, which will allow loading of basic files needed to run setup. When the welcome screen comes R key has to be pressed to start the recovery console. We can see a recovery console menu over there. It displays the folder where operating system files are stored. It will prompt to choose the operating system one want to log on to by just entering the number prompted by it. Then the administrator password will be asked. Then it will go to the main Recovery Console prompt. To fix a master boot record in Windows® XP, Fixmbr [device_name] has to be typed where the device name is the device pathname where the new master boot record will be created. In Recovery Console prompt.

So this is how one can fix the booting problems in Windows® XP and run the computer efficiently.

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