Fix error “Unable To Install Windows Update: 0X80070643”

Ways to resolve error "Unable to Install Windows Update: 0X80070643"

Windows is very user friendly operating system released by Microsoft and all versions of Windows include a variety of features and tools designed for different types of users. Windows Update has to be performed on the computer to keep your computer up to date. Windows Update fixes various bugs on the operating system. It resolves many issues and improves many features. Windows Update can be downloaded directly from Microsoft website or you can set the operating system to download and install the updates automatically. There are few error messages that you may come across while running Windows Update. “Unable to Install Windows Update: 0X80070643” is an error message. This message is seen when there is a problem with the .net framework on a PC. You may also see the same error message when you update Microsoft Office 2003 components.

Ways or methods to fix “Unable to Install Windows Update: 0X80070643” error message:

  • Update Windows .NET Framework

  • Restart Office Source Engine (OSE) service

  • Run registry cleanup and virus scan

Update Windows .NET Framework

.NET Framework plays a major role in updates and software installation on all latest version of Windows operating systems. You may also face “Unable to Install Windows Update: 0X80070643” error message while installing Windows Update. You can download the latest version of .Net Framework from Microsoft website and install it before trying to install Windows Update.

Restart the Office Source Engine (OSE) service

During the update process, Microsoft Office 2003 installed on your computer is also updated, and if you get the error message “Unable to Install Windows Update 0X80070643” while updating Microsoft office 2003 components, you need to go to 'Administrative Tools' in Control Panel, double-click on 'Services' and then find Office Source Engine (OSE) from the list and double-click on the service, set it to start automatically during Windows startup and start the service.

Run registry cleanup and virus scan

Virus infection and registry errors can also disable many services and corrupt files on a Windows operating system which can also result in Windows Update error. So, run a virus scan to make sure that your computer is not infected. You can also download and run a registry reset and cleanup tool to fix registry errors and then try to run Windows Update.

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