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Are you interested to find out how to enable `Run’ command box in Start Menu of Windows® 7 and its associated benefits?

It is obvious that when user enables `Run’ command box in Start Menu of Windows® 7 , then it is undoubtedly an amazing integration for the effective working of the user. Although it is not easy for the user to alter the habits but the user working as an efficient Windows® user is utilizing it invariably for many years considering it to be the only significant operating system. Thus, it is certain that the user will tend to get primarily used to the certain features and placements of menu. When Windows® new avatar will appear with an important alteration in GUI and placement of some applications that are default then normally the user tries to tweak the new interface and get back to the old Windows® which look much better. Thus, in this section the process of enabling `Run’ command box in Start Menu of Windows® 7 is described and its benefits are revealed. They are:

  • Intentional elimination of `Run’ by Microsoft®

  • Utilization of `Run’ command by user

  • Innumerable associated benefits of `Run’ in Start Menu

Intentional elimination of `Run’ by Microsoft®

Microsoft® has intentionally removed the `Run’ command box from Start Menu in Windows® 7. It is definitely carried out for the good reason. Windows® 7 search box is an excellent replacement to run with all its integrations of many features and functions. `Run’ command is truly not available in Windows® 7. However, many Windows® users are highly interested to see that `Run’ command box is enabled back in the start menu of Windows® 7. It is interesting to be noted by users that `Run’ command box can be efficiently enabled in Windows® 7 with performing only few easy steps.

Utilization of `Run’ command by user

In case, you are the user to effectively use `Run’ command box and want to get it eventually back in Start Menu of Windows® 7, then there are very simple steps to restore it back and make you work with a familiar traditional functionality. There are just few steps involved that have to be meticulously followed. Initially, the start button is to be clicked and then the select properties option has to be opted. Then start menu tab is to be clicked and customize button is to be uniquely pressed. Then the user has to scroll to the screen button where at the top user can find `Run’ command. Instantly he or she has to click on check box which is located next to `Run’ command to enable it. Eventually OK is to be pressed twice.

Innumerable associated benefits of `Run’ in Start Menu

There are many benefits involved if the user enables the `Run’ command in the Start Menu of Windows® 7. The working becomes easier than ever for the user. It will enhance the productivity and also saves the time of the user. Moreover, there is provision of high flexibility option. Windows® 7 enabled with `Run’ command box in Start Menu can definitely provide the user an improved experience across local as well as the networked corporate data within the start menu.

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