Get Missing items on Start Menu

While booting a system, the user finds the operating system working but with blank screen. In many of the problems faced due to Windows® errors one is that missing the items from Windows® Start menu. This problem is not occurring very often, but it may cause a lot more confusion for the users. In this case, the users think that may be the antivirus caused this problem or any of the spyware has caused it.

However, this is not due to spywares or any of the antivirus. The major frightening thing for user seems to be that recycle bin didn’t seem to be present anywhere, not on the desktop, nor in the computer. In this case, the properties in the Start menu became blank. In the same way FOLDER OPTION also shows these results e.g. (Windows® Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View (Tab)> Advance Setting Window). In this problem, all the icons are there, but in the program menu it says ‘EMPTY’. The reboot option cannot help to solve this problem.  In fact, many other functions seem to be disturbed due to this and the user finds very difficult to understand that what is going on.

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This is a big problem for the beginners of computers. This problem is the hidden items of the Start menu. This is quite a big problem for the computer users.

There may be many reasons for this. Some of them are listed below:

  • Sometimes the search and run icons are hidden.

  • Sometimes the Windows® hide those programs that are not used frequently.

  • This condition may arise when you upgrade the Windows®. It happens after you upgrade the - Windows® and the start menu and the task bar disappears.

  • Both these conditions can be cured simply as discussed below.


These conditions are quite ordinary for a Window professional. But for a beginner at the computer it’s a serious problem. If you have the first problem then it can be cured as under:

As a remedy you have to turn off the built-in video adapter. This will be the solution to the problem of upgrading.

If you are observing the second problem then, you are supposed to do the following:

  • Right- click on the Start bar and open up the properties,

  • Select the Start menu option,

  • Press the customize button,

  • Select advanced option,

  • Check those programs you want,

  • Click OK.

This is what you are supposed to do accordingly.

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