“Hard Error Blue Screen” error

What are the possibile causes of "Hard Error Blue Screen" error and tips to solve the issues?

Blue screen errors are commonly seen error messages on Windows Operating system. An error code with a error message is displayed on a blue screen and computer halts. "Hard Error Blue Screen" error is also known as blue screen of death (BSOD). Hard blue screen error occurs when Windows fail to access a system file due to file corruption, virus or file missing. There are many critical file in Windows without which the computer cannot complete the boot process and if any of those files are damaged, Windows displays an error code with a files name which is causing the issue. To resolve this issue you need to take necessary steps to resolve this issue. A corrupted registry value can also be a for a "Hard Error Blue Screen" error. If the issue started after installing a particular hardware or software, you can uninstall or unplug that particular hardware/software.

Following are some tips to resolve the "Hard Error Blue Screen" error:

  • Registry clean up

  • Uninstall recent updates

  • Repair Windows

Registry clean up

When you install software in your computer, there are many registry values created in Windows registry and all these registry values are not deleted when that particular software is uninstalled from 'Add/remove'. The left out registry entries can create issues like hard blue screen error. There are many registry clean up software available, you can select one of them and run it on the computer to clean the lost registry values and to fix registry errors.

Uninstall recent updates

You update device drivers, various applications on your computer and some of them might not be compatible with the Operating system. Such incompatible updates may corrupt system files, which might result in hard blue screen error. So, if the issue started after installing an update, you can uninstall the update. If the computer cannot be started in Normal mode, you can tap the 'F8' key during the start up and select safe mode. Once Windows is loaded in safe mode, you can undo the last update or try to restore the computer to an earlier date.

Repair Windows

Windows provide many repair options. If a Windows file is corrupted, you can execute the command "CHKDSK/r" from the command prompt to recover Windows files. Other Windows repair option is to boot the computer from the Operating system bootable disc and select repair Windows, this option would overwrite the Windows files and that would fix the hard blue screen error, if it caused due to a Windows file corruption or missing.

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