How to Check Upgrading Compatibility for Windows® 7?

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If you want to check whether your system can be upgraded to Windows® 7 or not, then follow the easy 4-step resolution given below and you can easily do the upgrade.

Windows® 7  Upgrade Advisor can be downloaded and used to check whether your system is ready to be upgraded to Windows® 7. It determines the compatibility issues of the hardware, devices, and other programs installed on your system and assists you in resolving the same.

Each step is accompanied by an indicative screenshot for ease of mirroring the action.

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Step 4

See the report
After few minutes it will display a report informing that if the PC meets the system requirements or not.

If there are any known compatibility issues with your programs and devices, it will provide guidance on your upgrade options to Windows® 7.

You have downloaded and installed Windows® 7  Upgrade Advisor Beta on your system and have successfully identified whether your PC can be upgraded with Windows® 7 or not. We recommend that you should check the minimum system requirement for installing Windows® 7 on your computer. If you face any problems related to your computer, operating system, software applications or peripheral devices like printers, MP3 players, digital cameras etc. then call iYogi and we’ll fix it.