How to fix USBD Boot Error on Dell Computer?

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If you are getting USBD Boot Error on your Dell® Computer, then follow the easy 2-step resolution to fix this error in a fast and simple way.

Error messages are warnings displayed in dialog boxes that enable you to fix issues on your computer proactively. These error messages are displayed in situations where action is required on part of the user.

Each step is accompanied by an indicative screenshot for ease of mirroring the action.

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Note: Disconnect all the USB devices connected to your computer, before performing the following steps.

Step 2


The BIOS is now set to the default settings.

You have entered the System setup by pressing ”F2” to change the USB Emulation Setting in the BIOS, and reset the BIOS settings to factory defaults.

Now, your Dell® computer is ready to start without “USBD Boot Error”.

It is strongly recommended that you equip your Dell® computer with a suitable antivirus program, so that it is protected against any virus which infects the boot sector.

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