How to Recover Windows® Script Host Files?

How do Windows® Script Host Files get corrupted?

The Microsoft® Windows® Script Host is an automation technology for Microsoft® Windows® operating systems that provides scripting capabilities comparable to batch files. Windows® Script Host (WSH) enables scripts to be run directly in Windows® by double-clicking a script file or by typing the name of a script file at a command prompt. Like Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, WSH serves as a controller of ActiveX® scripting engine. WSH has very low memory requirements and is ideal for both interactive and non-interactive scripting needs (such as logon scripting and administrative scripting).

The following points will provide a better understanding of Windows® Script Host:

  • How does Windows® Script Host function?
  • Versions of Windows® Script Host function
  • How does Windows® Script Host get corrupted?

How does Windows® Script Host function?

WSH supports scripts written in Microsoft® Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) or JavaScript. When you start a script, the scripting host reads and passes the specified script file contents to the registered script engine. The scripting engine uses file extensions (.vbs for VBScript; .js for JavaScript) to identify the script instead of using the SCRIPT tag (used in HTML). The script host itself maintains a mapping of script extensions to Prog IDs and uses the Windows® association model to start the appropriate engine for a given script.

Versions of Windows® Script Host function

There are two versions of WSH: a Windows®-based version Wscript.exe, which provides Windows®-based properties for setting script properties, and a command prompt-based version Cscript.exe that provides command-line switches for setting script properties. You can run either of these versions by typing “wscript.exe” or “cscript.exe” at a command prompt.

How does Windows® Script Host get corrupted?

Microsoft Windows® Script Host file data corruption usually occurs when the software application or the operating system crashes while the .WSH data file is open in memory. WSH File or parts of the data file are not saved to disk causing the data corruption or the application to fail. Other causes of corruption are physical problems with the storage media, hardware malfunctions, viruses, software errors, and human errors. However, there are ways to recover all or part of your data file. You should immediately make two or three backup copies of the corrupted files and stop using the computer except to send the files for recovery analysis.

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