How to start Windows® XP Setup when it Stops Responding with 34 Minutes Remaining in Its Installation?

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If Windows® XP setup stops responding with 34 minutes remaining in its installation, then follow the easy 4-step resolution and easily resolve this issue on your computer.

Each step is accompanied by an indicative screenshot for ease of mirroring the action.

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Step 1

Restart Computer
Restart the computer. The ”Setup” tries to identify the device that is causing the problem and tries to skip the device on the next restart. You may have to restart your computer multiple times.

Step 2

Examine the Setup Log Files
Press ”SHIFT”+”F10” to open a command prompt after the first restart, and after any subsequent restarts, if ”Setup” stops responding. In the ”%windir%” folder (typically, ”C:Windows or C:Winnt”), look for the ”Pnplog.txt” file.

You can also review the ”Setupapi.log” file, the ”Setupact.log” file, and the ”Setuperr.log” file in the ”%windir%” folder to try to determine which device ”Setup” was trying to detect when it stopped responding.

To locate the device that is the most likely the cause of the issue, read the last 10 to 15 lines at the end of the files. If the setup log files indicate that a hardware device or a driver may be causing the problem, verify that your hardware is supported by your operating system.

Step 3

Remove Hardware
If the setup log files do not indicate the cause of the issue, try removing the hardware to determine which device is causing ”Setup” to stop responding. Do the following:

Step 3

Remove any external hardware, such as attached devices that are not required for setup, for example, printers, external serial devices, and Universal Serial Bus [USB] devices other than the primary keyboard.

Step 3

Disable items in the basic input/output system (BIOS) such as ports or power management features, and on-board devices that are not required for setup to complete such as modems.

Step 4

Move or Reset Cards
Try to move or reset cards in the Peripheral Connect Interface (PCI) slots.

You have accessed the setup log files and have resolved the issue of Windows® XP setup not responding with 34 minutes remaining in its installation.

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